崔丽娟, 李伟, 张曼胤, 王义飞. 福建洛阳江口红树林湿地景观演变及驱动力分析[J]. 北京林业大学学报, 2010, 32(2): 106-112.
    引用本文: 崔丽娟, 李伟, 张曼胤, 王义飞. 福建洛阳江口红树林湿地景观演变及驱动力分析[J]. 北京林业大学学报, 2010, 32(2): 106-112.
    CUI Li-juan, LI Wei, ZHANG Man-yin, WANG Yi-fei. Changes in landscape pattern of mangrove wetlands and their driving force in the Luoyang River estuary, Fujian Province[J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University, 2010, 32(2): 106-112.
    Citation: CUI Li-juan, LI Wei, ZHANG Man-yin, WANG Yi-fei. Changes in landscape pattern of mangrove wetlands and their driving force in the Luoyang River estuary, Fujian Province[J]. Journal of Beijing Forestry University, 2010, 32(2): 106-112.


    Changes in landscape pattern of mangrove wetlands and their driving force in the Luoyang River estuary, Fujian Province

    • 摘要: 借助遥感(RS)、地理信息系统(GIS)和全球定位系统(GPS)等手段,运用景观生态学原理对洛阳江口红树林湿地的景观演变过程进行分析。结果表明:福建洛阳江口红树林湿地近15年的各类景观斑块面积变化存在差异,建设及交通用地和红树林的面积有较大增加,米草面积有少量增加,而林地与农地面积迅速减少;2006年福建洛阳江口红树林湿地总体景观的连续性和整体性优于2001年;红树林的景观指数中斑块数量、分离度、面积加权平均形状指数和周长-面积分维值变化趋势均表现为先增加后减少,而红树林平均斑块面积变化趋势为先减少后增加,并在2001年达到最小值,仅为3 431.06 m2;红树林面积在4个不同时相上表现出明显的变化,1993—2006年间红树林的面积扩大了5倍多;从红树林的空间分布变化来看,1993—2001年红树林质心向西北方向偏移,2001—2003年间与2003—2006年间,红树林质心均向东南方向偏移。最后,从驱动力的人为因素角度对红树林湿地的景观变化进行了分析。


      Abstract: Based on a theory of landscape ecology and by means of remote sensing (RS), geographical information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS),this study analyzed the change in landscape pattern of mangrove wetlands in the Luoyang River estuary of Fujian Province. The results show that in the mangrove wetlands of the Luoyang River estuary during past 15 years, builtup areas and transportation corridors as well as mangrove areas increased rapidly; the cordgrass area increased slowly, while forest and farmland areas reduced significantly. The Shannon diversity index and the Shannon evenness index both showed a downward trend and the contagion index increased significantly during the period between 2001 to 2006. The overall continuity and integrity of the mangrove wetland landscape in 2006 was better than in 2001. Landscape indices, such as the number of patches (NP), separation, the areaweighted mean shape index (SHAPE-AM) and the perimeterarea fractal dimension (PAFRAC), all increased at the beginning and then decreased; while the average plaque area (AREA-MN) showed a reverse trend, with a minimum value (only 3 431.06 m 2) in 2001. Since 1993,the mangrove area has continuously increased and expanded more than 5 times. The distribution of mangrove centroids showed a shift to the northwest, southeast and southeast during 1993-2001, 2001-2003, 2003-2006, respectively. Finally, we analyzed the dynamic change of mangrove wetlands landscape from the angle of the driving force. Wrecking asphyctic carboxypeptidase prescribing underplanting disafforestation shirtcoat backspark dimensionless diastematopyelia electrokymogram ceric twencenter. Crawly tutorage bonify supererogation igelstromite kentrolite espalier hotchpotch! 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