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    Selection of indicators for ecological assessment on small water bodies of northern mountainous area of Beijing.
    GAO Yang, GAO Jia-rong, FENG Ze-shen, YANG Hai-long.
    2009, 31(1): 100-105.
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    Production of ROS and its antioxidant system in plant mitochondria. 
    SHI Zheng, SHI Shengqing, YAO Hongjun, ZHONG Chuanfei, GAO Rong-fu
    2009, 31(1): 150-154.
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    Antioxidant activity of the pyroligneous acid from bayberry stones.
    CHENG Jiyu, YE Xingqian
    2009, 31(1): 145-149.
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    Assessment on the performance of hand pumps for forest fire suppression based on operator;s heart rate and water spraying efficiency. 
    LI Wen-bin, WANG Yang, CHEN Jing-lian, TIAN Yong-chen, GAO Yan.
    2009, 31(1): 134-138.
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    Effects of dam construction sequences on soil conservation efficiency of a checkdam system.
    XU Xiangzhou, , ZHANG Hongwu, XU Shiguo, WANG Wenlong
    2009, 31(1): 139-144.
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    Affecting factors and the optimum technological parameters in waste particleboard liquefaction.
    ZHU Bencheng, , ZHAO Guangjie
    2009, 31(1): 120-124.
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    Dynamic viscoelastic characteristics of larch timber during conventional drying process. 
    ZHAN Jianfeng, GU Jiyou, CAI Yingchun.
    2009, 31(1): 125-129.
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    Relation of chemical components of brownrotted wood and its liquefaction characteristics
    LI Gai-yun, JIANG Ze-hui, REN Hai-qing, QIN Te-fu.
    2009, 31(1): 113-119.
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    Prediction of modules of elastic of thick plywood.
    YU Yang-lun, YU Wen-ji, ZHANG Fang-wen.
    2009, 31(1): 130-133.
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    Effects of plant growth regulators on controlling pseudobulb and keikis of nobile type dendrobium.
    LI Zhen-jian, WANG Yan, PENG Zhen-hua, MIAO Kun, WANG Cai-yun, YU Yao
    2009, 31(1): 79-83.
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    SHI Zhong-jie, WANG Yan-hui, XU Li-hong, XIONG Wei, YU Peng-tao, GUO Hao, ZHANG Lei-yan
    2009, 31(1): 91-99.
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    Transformation of tobaccos with a TIR-NBS-LRR gene isolated from Populus tomentosa Carr.
    LI Hai-xia, ZHANG Zhi-yi, ZHANG Qian, AN Xin-min, LI Yan, LIU Ting-ting.
    2009, 31(1): 73-78.
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    Gene cloning and expression of a cytosolic small heat shock protein gene (HSP17.7) from Ageratina adenophora.
    YANG Juan, DAI Wei-min, QIANG Sheng.
    2009, 31(1): 106-112.
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    Responses of spatial pattern to surface fire in Mongolian pine forests, Hulun Buir Sand Region, Inner Mongolia of northern China.
    YU Hong, YANG Xiaohui, CI Longjun, GE Yuxiang, WANG Jun, ZHANG Wancheng
    2009, 31(1): 1-6.
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    Identification of Heteroepichlo species on Brachystachyum densiflorum by morphology and phylogeny.
    CHENG Yan-lin, HOU Cheng-lin, GAO Jian
    2009, 31(1): 84-90.
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    A voxelbased filtering algorithm for DTM data extraction in forest areas.
    TANG Fei-fei, , LIU Jing-nan, ZHANG Xiao-hong, RUAN Zhi-min
    2009, 31(1): 55-59.
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    Water consumption of green space and gardens in the Summer Palace of Beijing
    LI Zi-zhong, LV Guo-hua, ZHAO Bing-xiang, LAI Na-na, JING Li-jun
    2009, 31(1): 66-72.
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    Modeling technology of multithematic data input for forest resource inventory
    LIU Peng-ju, ZHOU Yu-fei, LI Zhi-qing, TANG Xiao-ming
    2009, 31(1): 50-54.
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    Effects of soil mechanical resistance on root growth characteristics of kentuckyturfgrass(Poa pratensis L.)
    SONG Guilong, HAN Liebao, ZHANG Xunzhong, GU Zaiyuan
    2009, 31(1): 60-65.
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    Relationship between photosynthetic physiological characteristics of several common shrub species and soil water content in Hobq Desert of Inner Mongolia, northern China.
    QIN Jing, HE Kang-ning, ZHU Yan-yan.
    2009, 31(1): 37-43.
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    Simulating basal area growth of fir plantations using a nonlinear mixed modeling approach.
    LI Chun-ming.
    2009, 31(1): 44-49.
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    Effects of different pruning intensity on microclimate, growth and yield of crops in agroforestry systems.
    SUN Shang-wei, YIN Wei-lun, , XIA Xin-li, LIU Xiao-dong, CHEN Sen-kun
    2009, 31(1): 25-30.
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    Effects of elevated atmospheric ozone concentration on photosynthetic mechanism of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.
    ZHAO Tian-hong, WANG Mei-yu, ZHAO Yi-xin, GUO Dan, HE Xing-yuan, FU Shi-lei
    2009, 31(1): 31-36.
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    Spatial distribution of main tree species and their environmental interpretations in conifer and broadleaved mixed forests of Changbai Mountains, northeastern China.
    CHANG Xin-hua, ZHAO Xiu-hai, ZENG Fan-yong, ZHANG Chun-yu
    2009, 31(1): 7-12.
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    Biomass and its distribution patterns of Larix principisrupprechtii plantations in northern China.
    LUO Yun-jian, ZHANG Xiao-quan, , WANG Xiao-ke, ZHU Jian-hua, ZHANG Zhi-jun, SUN Gui-sheng, GAO Feng
    2009, 31(1): 13-18.
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    Responses of understory vegetation development to regulation of tree density in Larix principisrupprechtii plantations.
    LI Guo-lei, LIU Yong, L Rui-heng, YU Hai-qun, LI Rui-sheng
    2009, 31(1): 19-24.
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