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Characteristics and regeneration potential of soil seed banks in green space of urban parks in Beijing
Surface fuel load and influencing factors of Pinus yunnanensis forest in Xichang City, Sichuan Province of southwestern China
Effects of extreme rainfall on the morphological characteristics and spatial distribution of shallow landslides under different land use patterns in the loess region of western Shanxi Province, northern China
Effects of watershed landscape pattern on runoff and its components in the loess region of western Shanxi Province, northern China
Construction of ecological security pattern based on remote sensing urban ecological index and circuit theory: a case study of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province of southern China
Painting properties and lightfastness of microwave puffed wood-based metal composites
Preparation of activated carbon from bamboo shoot shell by pyrolysis self-activation method and its arsenic adsorption performance
Effects of forest type and stand age on ecosystem carbon storage of plantations in Nenjiang Sandy Land of northeastern China
Effects of nitrogen addition on the branch CO2 efflux of Larix principis-rupprechtii
Leaf stoichiometry of two conifer species with different life forms in northern Daxing’an Mountains of northeastern China
Circumferential heterogeneity and influencing factors of radial growth of Larix olgensis in Lesser Khingan Mountains of northeastern China
Single tree DBH growth model of spruce-fir natural forest based on distance related Hegyi index
Comparative study on estimation models of chlorophyll content in Phyllostachys pubescens leaves
Effects of drought stress on the growth and physiological characteristics of Sect. Aigeiros clones
Responses of typical plant functional traits among summer-flowering tree species in heterogeneous city habitats in Lanzhou City of northwestern China