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    Autocatalysis in biological decolorization of Reactive Black 5 under anaerobic condition.
    WANG Xing-zu, CHENG Xiang, ZHENG Hui, SUN De-zhi
    2009, 31(3): 135-139.
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    Application of stepwise regression model in predicting the movement of Artemisia ordosica boring insects.
    YAN Wei, ZONG Shi-xiang, LUO You-qing, CAO Chuan-jian, , LI Zhan-wen, GUO Qi-lin
    2009, 31(3): 140-144.
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    Effects of curing agents on curing characteristics of low molar ratio urea-formaldehyde resin.
    XU Li-zheng, LI Jian-zhang, ZHANG Shi-feng, BAI You-xiu.
    2009, 31(3): 124-128.
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    Fiberboard VDP forming progress in hot-pressing process.
    ZHANG Yang, YU Zhi-ming, YU He.
    2009, 31(3): 129-134.
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    Liquefaction of waste CCA-treated wood in phenol and the technology of metal removing processing.
    ZHANG Qiu-hui, ZHAO Guang-jie, ZHONG Jie.
    2009, 31(3): 111-115.
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    Influences of support styles on MOE determination of lumber with transverse vibration.
    ZHANG Hou-jiang, WANG Chao-zhi, SU Juan
    2009, 31(3): 120-123.
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    Curing reaction of urea-formaldehyde resin by thermal mechanical analysis
    DU Guan-ben, LEI Hong, , A. Pizzi
    2009, 31(3): 106-110.
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    Bending deflection properties of bamboo particle-wood fiber plywood
    HAN Jian
    2009, 31(3): 116-119.
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    Indirect somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of Hippophae rhamnoides sub. sinensis
    LI Jun, XIA Xin-li, LIU Cui-qiong, YIN Wei-lun
    2009, 31(3): 89-95.
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    Stress wave propagating velocity in Larix olgensis standing trees under a freezing condition
    WANG Li-hai, WANG Yang, GAO Shan, XU Hua-dong, YANG Xue-chun.
    2009, 31(3): 96-99.
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    Catalytic properties of 338Val-deleted mutant of 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase from Populus tomentosa.
    WANG Xiao-xue, JIANG Xiang-ning, LU Hai.
    2009, 31(3): 84-88.
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    Treating technology of compressed preservative-treated wood—ACQ-D treated wood for outdoor uses.
    MAO Jia, CAO Jin-zhen
    2009, 31(3): 100-105.
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    Relationship between Melanophila acuminata outbreak and moisture content as well as tree temperature of Pinus tabulaeformis.
    ZHOU Zhang-yi, WU Da, YU Si-jia, FU Huai-jun3, SONG Qiang, SHEN Ying-bai
    2009, 31(3): 71-76.
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    A bibliometric analysis on literatures of biological invasion.
    HE Ping, , LU Wen-ru, LUO You-qing
    2009, 31(3): 77-83.
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    SONG Xian-feng, DUAN Zheng, NIU Hai-shan, Yasuyuki Kono
    2009, 31(3): 58-63.
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    Evaluating index system and calculating methods for comprehensive benefit of soil and water conservation ecological construction.
    QUAN Hai.
    2009, 31(3): 64-70.
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    Several organic substitutes as growing media for Euphorbia pulcherrima
    ZHANG Qi-xiang, SUN Xiang-li.
    2009, 31(3): 46-51.
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    Applicability of the distributed hydrological model of HEC-HMS in a small watershed of the Loess Plateau area.
    ZHANG Jian-jun, , NA Lei, ZHANG Bo
    2009, 31(3): 52-57.
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    Anatomy and changes in endogenous hormones during flower bud differentiation in Nelumbo nucifera
    KONG De-zheng, JIN Dan-dan, HE Song-lin, YANG Qiu-sheng, LIU Yi-ping.
    2009, 31(3): 42-45.
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    Relations between the distribution of vegetation and environment in the Yellow River Delta and SPPA for Chinese tamarisk spatial distribution
    ZHAO Xin-sheng, L Juan-zhang, SUN Tao
    2009, 31(3): 29-36.
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    Effects of root age on biomass and leaf nutrition in tetraploid Robinia pseudoacacia. 
    ZHANG Guo-jun, ZHANG Guo-jun, LI Yun, LI Yun, LI Fang-ping, LI Fang-ping, XU Zhao-he, XU Zhao-he, SUN Yu-han, SUN Yu-han
    2009, 31(3): 37-41.
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    Changes of soil fertility in young and middle aged Larix principis-rupprechtii plantations
    LIU Yong, LI Guo-lei, LIN Ping, JIANG Hui, YU Hai-qun, L Rui-heng
    2009, 31(3): 17-23.
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    Temporal and spatial patterns of seed rain for stabilized sand dune system in Horqin Sandland of Inner Mongolia,northern China.
    YAN Qiao-ling, LIU Zhi-min, ZHU Jiao-jun
    2009, 31(3): 24-28.
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    Spatial distribution patterns and associations of Pinus koraiensis and Tilia amurensis in Tilia-Korean pine forest on the north slope of Changbai Mountain,northeastern China.
    CHEN Lie, ZHAO Xiu-hai, ZHANG Yun
    2009, 31(3): 6-10.
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    Soil organic carbon in semi-natural mixed larch-spruce-fir stands of northeastern China.
    WANG Hai-yan, LEI Xiang-dong, ZHANG Hui-ru, YANG Ping
    2009, 31(3): 11-16.
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    Analysis of the negative binomial distribution and test of population pattern.
    MA Qin-yan
    2009, 31(3): 1-5.
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