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    Advances in the developmental biology of lily bulb.
    LV Ying-min, WU Sha-sha, ZHANG Qi-xiang
    2009, 31(5): 145-150.
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    Optimization of fermented wine production from Cornus officinalis.
    YANG Jian-fang, , HUANG Ming-yong, LU Fu-ping, GAO Wen-yuan
    2009, 31(5): 131-136.
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    Photosynthetic characteristics of hybrid clones of Populus deltoides and P. ussuriensis. 
    JIANG Xi-bing, LI Bo, ZHANG Zhi-yi, MA Kai-feng, HE Zhan-guo, LIU Cheng-you
    2009, 31(5): 151-154.
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    Influence of steaming time during steam-explosion on the chemical composition,crystallinity and enzymatic hydrolysis of Lespedeza bicolor stalks
    WANG Kun, WANG Fang, JIANG Jian-xin, SUN Run-cang, LIU Sheng-ying, MA Ya-qi, SONG Xian-liang
    2009, 31(5): 121-125.
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    Coverage changes of forestland and grassland in northeastern China during the past 300 years. 
    YE Yu, FANG Xiu-qi, ZHANG Xue-zhen, ZENG Zao-zao.
    2009, 31(5): 137-144.
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    Effects of impact modifier ACR on melt rheological properties of foamed wood flourPVC composites
    BAI Xiao-yan, , WANG Qing-wen, WANG Hai-gang, HAN Zhen, LI Zhong-qiu
    2009, 31(5): 117-120.
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    Intelligent control of seeding system based on SPCE061A
    GAO Lin, GU Hong-bo, LI Wen-bin, WANG Nai-kang, WU Xiao-lan
    2009, 31(5): 126-130.
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    Management and assessment of national wetland parks.
    CUI Li-juan, ZHANG Man-yin, LI Wei, WANG Yi-fei, SHANG Xiao-jing.
    2009, 31(5): 102-107.
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    Effects of carbonized temperature on microstructure of carbon fiber precursors prepared from liquefied wood
    MA Xiao-jun, ZHAO Guang-jie
    2009, 31(5): 112-116.
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    Karyotype analysis of sixteen Chinese traditional rose cultivars.
    LUO Le, ZHANG Qi-xiang, BAI Jin-rong, PAN Hui-tang, LI Hui, WANG Qiong.
    2009, 31(5): 90-95.
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    Cross section size analysis of tracheids in Tsuga chinensis wood with Fourier transformation
    DUO Hua-qiong, WANG Xi-ming, FAN Jun-xiong
    2009, 31(5): 108-111.
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    Germination inhibitors in seeds of Taxus chinensis var. mairei.
    YU Hai-lian, LI Feng-lan, ZHAO Cui-ge, GUO Hui-hong
    2009, 31(5): 78-83.
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    Anti-scourability of microbiotic soil crust in the loess area of northern Shaanxi Province, northwestern China.
    BU Nan, ZHU Qing-ke, WANG Rui, ZHENG Hui, AN Yan-chuan.
    2009, 31(5): 96-101.
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    Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations, N∶P ratio and resorption efficiency of leaves in different forest types.
    ZHANG Li-hua, LIN Yi-ming, YE Gong-fu, YIN Liang, ZHOU Hai-chao
    2009, 31(5): 67-72.
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    Determining genetic diversity of natural population of Syringa oblatausing allozyme markers.
    LIAO Hui-rong, GU Wan-chun, MING Jun
    2009, 31(5): 84-89.
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    Relationship between vegetation greenness and urban heat island effect in Beijing.
    WU Peng-fei, WANG Mao-jun, ZHANG Xue-xia
    2009, 31(5): 54-60.
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    Responses of fine root growth of Caragana microphylla shrub plantation to irrigation and nitrogen addition in a semiarid region of northern China.
    HUANG Gang, , ZHAO Xue-yong, SU Yan-gui, HUANG Ying-xin, CUI Jian-yuan
    2009, 31(5): 73-77.
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    Soil infiltration characteristics of typical plantations in mountainous area of Miyun, Beijing.
    XI Cai-yun, YU Xin-xiao, XU Juan, ZHANG Zhen-ming, ZHU Jian-gang, WANG Chen, PANG Zhuo, WANG Na-li
    2009, 31(5): 42-47.
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    Evaluation of Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata forest at the western segment of Qinling Mountain,northwestern China
    DUAN Chang-sheng, WANG Jun-hui, MA Jian-wei, YUAN Shi-yun, DU Yan-chang
    2009, 31(5): 61-66.
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    Pattern analysis of different populations in natural secondary forest of Betula davurica in mountainous area of Beijing.
    SHI Yu, YU Xin-xiao, YUE Yong-jie, ZHANG Zhen-ming, GAN Jing, WANG Xiao-ping, LI Jin-hai
    2009, 31(5): 35-41.
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    Solute preferential transport analysis of dark coniferous forest ecosystem of Gongga Mountain, Sichuan Province of southwestern China
    NIU Jian-zhi, YU Xin-xiao, ZHANG Zhi-qiang.
    2009, 31(5): 48-53.
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    Spatial variability and prediction of soil available nitrogen of different vegetation types.
    ZHANG Zhen-ming, YU Xin-xiao, XU Juan, GAN Jing, WANG Xiao-ping, LI Jin-hai
    2009, 31(5): 12-18.
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    Effects of thinning on edge effect of Larix principisrupprechtii plantation.
    WANG Xiong-bin, YU Xin-xiao, XU Cheng-li, , GU Jian-cai, ZHOU Bin, FAN Min-rui, JIA Guo-dong, LV xi-zhi
    2009, 31(5): 29-34.
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    Spatial structure of Robinia pseudoacacia plantation in Miyun Reservoir Watershed of Beijing.
    LIU Yan, YU Xin-xiao, YUE Yong-jie, GAN Jing, WANG Xiao-ping, LI Jin-hai
    2009, 31(5): 25-28.
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    Model of assessing shallow planar landslide of forested soil side slope.
    ZHANG Chao-bo, CHEN Li-hua, JI Xiao-dong, ZHOU Shuo, GAN Jing, WANG Xiao-ping, LI Jin-hai
    2009, 31(5): 8-11.
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    Soil active organic carbon pool of coniferous and broadleaved forests in the mountainous area of Beijing.
    GENG Yu-qing, YU Xin-xiao, YUE Yong-jie, LI jin-hai, ZHANG Guo-zhen, LIU Song
    2009, 31(5): 19-24.
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    Vegetation restoration and its effects on runoff and sediment yield in Hekouzhen Longmen Section of the middle reaches of Yellow River
    XIN Zhong-bao, YU Xin-xiao, GAN Jing, WANG Xiao-ping, LI Jin-hai
    2009, 31(5): 1-8.
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