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    Biomass estimating models of saplings for 14 species in Changbaishan Mountains, northeastern China
    FAN Chun-nan, PANG Sheng-jiang, ZHENG Jin-ping, LI Bing, GUO Zhong-ling
    2013, 35(2): 1-9.
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    Impacts of forest fire on root biomass, carbon and nitrogen concentration of Larix gmelinii.
    CHU Xu, DI Xue-ying, YANG Guang
    2013, 35(2): 10-16.
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    Mangrove landscape changing process and land use coverage change of its surrounding areas in Yingluo Bay, southern China during the past 20 years
    ZHU Yao-jun, GUO Ju-lan, WU Gao-jie, GUO Zhi-hua, LIN Guang-xuan, WU Xiao-dong
    2013, 35(2): 22-29.
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    Single-tree biomass modeling of Pinus massoniana based on BP neural network
    WANG Yi-fu, SUN Yu-jun, GUO Xiao-yu
    2013, 35(2): 17-21.
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    Analysis of stand spatial structure of Platycladus orientalis recreational forest based on Voronoi diagram method
    WANG Ping, JIA Li-ming, WEI Song-po, WANG Qi-feng
    2013, 35(2): 39-44.
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    Climate-growth relationships of Abies nephrolepis and its connection with large-scale climate change in Xiaoxing’an Mountains, northeastern China
    YAO Qi-chao, WANG Xiao-chun
    2013, 35(2): 30-38.
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    Physiological and biochemical characteristics of Japanese yew seedlings as natural temperature falling in autumn and winter.
    LIU Tong, ZHU Jia-yuan, LI Peng, CUI Hai-jiao, ZHOU Zhi-qiang
    2013, 35(2): 51-56.
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    Individual growth characteristics of two tree species after 20 years of ecological restoration in a dry-hot valley of southwestern China.
    LI Bin, TANG Guo-yong, LI Kun, GAO Cheng-jie, LIU Fang-yan, WANG Xiao-fei
    2013, 35(2): 45-50.
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    Comparative studies on functional diversity of soil microbial community of larch plantations with different ages in black soil region,northeastern China
    FAN Rui-ying, YANG Xiayan, WANG En-heng, ZOU Li, CHEN Xiang-wei
    2013, 35(2): 63-68.
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    Variation and growth adaptability analysis of transgenic Populus simonii×P. nigra lines carrying TaLEA gene
    LI Zhi-xin, ZHAO Xi-yang, YANG Cheng-jun, WANG Guang-yu, WANG Fusen, ZHANG Lian-fei, ZHANG Lian-cai, LIU Gui-feng, JIANG Jing
    2013, 35(2): 57-62.
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    Predicting topsoil porosity using soil surface roughness under rainfall influence.
    CHEN Shi-chao, LIN Jian-hui, SUN Yu-rui, Peter Schulze Lammers
    2013, 35(2): 69-74.
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    Auxin promotes nitrate uptake by upregulating AtNRT1.1 gene transcript level in Arobidopsis thaliana
    ZHENG Dong-chao, XIA Xin-li, YIN Wei-lun
    2013, 35(2): 80-85.
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    Comparison of four genomic DNA extraction methods with Scolytidae beetles.
    CHANG Hong, HAO De-jun, YANG Xiao-jun, XIAO Rong-tang, LIU Yong3, QIAN Lu, AN Yu-lin
    2013, 35(2): 75-79.
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    Extraction technology and content changes of chelerythrine from Chelidonium majus.
    WEI Qing-hui, MA Ling, ZHAO Min
    2013, 35(2): 86-91.
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    Effects of ethyl acetate extract of Trichoderma harzianum fermentation liquid on physiological index of Phytophthora infestans
    YANG Li-bin, SONG Rui-qing, LI Chong-wei
    2013, 35(2): 92-96.
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    Rapid parametric modeling of geometry structure for trees.
    TAO Si-wei, ZHAO Dong
    2013, 35(2): 97-101.
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    Preparation for porous titanium material with dimethylbutylsulfonated lignin ammonium as a template
    AI Qing, SU Ling, ZHANG Qiong, FANG Gui-zhen
    2013, 35(2): 102-107.
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    Application of spore laccase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in dye decolorization.
    LI Jun, LI Guo-fu, LU Lei, PAN Jun-bo, ZHAO Min, WANG Tian-nü, XU Teng-fei, WANG Jing-yao
    2013, 35(2): 125-129.
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    Effects of in situ deposited calcium carbonates nanoparticles on surface performance of bamboo fibers.
    GAO Jie, WANG Ge, CHENG Hai-tao, SHI Qiang, REN Wen-han
    2013, 35(2): 108-111.
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    Finite element analysis and experiments on the drill of earth auger
    LI Yan-jie, XU Chen, LU Yuan-jia, ZHAO Dong
    2013, 35(2): 112-117.
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    Adsorption properties and mechanism of orthophosphate adsorption on soils from the Yeyahu Wetland of Beijing.
    ZHANG Jing, LI Min, YANG Hang, SUN De-zhi
    2013, 35(2): 118-124.
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    Morphological and anatomical features during the formation of adventitious roots of sea buckthorn by micro-cuttage multiplication
    YAO Jing-han, LI Wei
    2013, 35(2): 130-133.
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    A new record of birds in northeastern China: Chestnutwinged cuckoo
    YANG Yan-lan, DONG Chuan-long, HUANG Jian
    2013, 35(2): 134-134.
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    Guideline for the tests of DUS for new varieties of genus Robinia
    XUN Shou-hua, ZHOU Jian-ren, HUANG Fa-ji, QIAO Yu-ling, ZHANG Li-jun, MAO Xiu-hong, ZHANG Jiang-tao
    2013, 35(2): 135-140.
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