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    An automatic identifying method of intersections between trunks and branches of standing trees
    LI Wenbin, KAN Jiangming, SUN Renshan
    2007, 29(4): 1-4.
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    Gyroscopic effect of wood_working circular saw
    LIU Xi-rui, YAN Min, LI Wen-bin, ZHANG Yuan
    2007, 29(4): 67-71.
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    Power control system of remote control pruning robot for standing trees.
    ZHANG Junmei, LI Wenbin, SA Chao, WANG Deming
    2007, 29(4): 22-26.
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    Measuring and calculating method of forest carbon storage
    LIU Sheng, LI Guo-wei
    2007, 29(4): 166-169.
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    Effects of industrial noise on the human’s heart rate variability
    MO Qiu-yun, LI Wen-bin
    2007, 29(4): 59-62.
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    Algorithm of envelope size of the body barycenter swaying trajectory
    ZHU Xin-hui, LI Wen-bin, DONG Jin-bao
    2007, 29(4): 37-40.
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    Feasibility of applying the slurry into putting out a forest fire and the attached equipments
    ZHAO Jun-shi, WANG Nai-kang, ZHAO Ping
    2007, 29(4): 170-172.
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    Design method and main parameters of standing tree pruning robot
    HUO Guangqing, WANG Naikang, LI Wenbin
    2007, 29(4): 27-32.
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    Effects of aluminum stress and AMF on the growth of Cinnamomum camphora-seedlings
    YAN Ming, ZHONG Zhang-cheng
    2007, 29(4): 161-165.
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    based wireless receiver control system of pruning robot for standing trees.
    ZHANG Junmei, LI Wenbin, SA Chao, WANG Deming
    2007, 29(4): 19-21.
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    Multi-|model forecasting system of forest fire spreading based on deductive database
    TIAN Yong-chen, LIU Shao-gang, ZHAO Gang, HU Jian, LI Wen-bin
    2007, 29(4): 46-53.
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    Model for forecasting the electric field intensity of UHF wireless frequency band in plantations.
    LI Wenbin, ZHANG Junmei, SA Chao, WANG Deming, GAO Kai
    2007, 29(4): 15-18.
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    Development of Chinese pine treering width chronology in Fuling Mausoleum, Shenyang of northeastern China
    CHEN Zhen-ju, CHEN Wei, HE Xing-yuan, SHAO Xue-mei, SUN Yu, ZHANG Chun-tao, FU Yin-dong, LIU Tie-hong,
    2007, 29(4): 100-109.
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    Motion control system of remote control pruning robot for standing trees
    ZHANG Junmei, LI Wenbin, SA Chao, WANG Deming
    2007, 29(4): 33-36.
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    Computer vision based method of automatic measurement of trunk and branch diameters of standing trees
    KAN Jiang-ming, LI Wen-bin, SUN Ren-shan
    2007, 29(4): 5-9.
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    Forest fire detection system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network
    ZHANG Jun-guo, LI Wen-bin, HAN Ning, KAN Jiang-ming
    2007, 29(4): 41-45.
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    Correlation models of site evaluation on heat factors in the interface layer of northern mountain areas in Hebei Province
    YANG Wen-ji, LI Yi-wei, ZHAO Ting-ning, WANG Xiu-ru
    2007, 29(4): 118-122.
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    An automatic measuring method for the trunk curvature of standing tree based on computer vision
    GAO Kai, LI Wen-bin, KAN Jiangming
    2007, 29(4): 10-14.
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    XU Cheng_yang, ZHANG Hua, JIA Zhong_kui, XUE Kang, DU Peng_zhi, WANG Jing_guo
    2007, 29(4): 95-99.
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    Potential responses of different stand age classes to climate changes in the Xiaoxinganling Mountains,northeastern China
    ZHOU Dan-hui, HE Hong-shi, LI Xiu-zhen, ZHOU Chun-hua, WANG Xu-gao, CHEN Hong-wei
    2007, 29(4): 110-117.
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    Separating mechanism and preparation method of the longer natural bamboo fiber
    ZHANG Wei, LI Wen-bin, YAO Wen-bin
    2007, 29(4): 63-66.
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    Experimental research on thermal comfort of Natural wind
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    2007, 29(4): 54-58.
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    Tensile stress relaxation of wood under high temperature and pressurized steam
    CHENG Wan-li, LIU Yi-xing, Toshiro Morooka
    2007, 29(4): 84-89.
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    Virtual prototype of straw-checkerboard sand barriers paving robot and ride comfort
    LIU Jin-hao, <, SPAN lang=EN-US style=
    2007, 29(4): 72-74.
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    Implement of information system of management for the Natural Forest Protection Program.
    YANG Xue-qing, WU Fa-yun, HUANG Xin-yuan
    2007, 29(4): 148-155.
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    Effects of sample surface on the accuracy of near infrared predictive model of air dried density of bamboo
    YU Yan, JIANG Ze-hui, WANG Ge, QIN Dao-chun, XU Zhong-yun
    2007, 29(4): 80-83.
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    Response characteristics of precipitation,soil moisture and groundwater level in desert oasis system.
    LI Chao-sheng, YANG Xiao-hui, ZHANG Ke-bin, YU Chun-tang, CI Long-jun
    2007, 29(4): 129-135.
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    Fractured rock seepage characteristics and its impact on slope stability
    CAO Jian-sheng, ZHANG Wan-jun, LIU Chang-ming, YANG Yong-hui
    2007, 29(4): 136-142.
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    Localization and changes of activity of acid phosphatase in mycorhiza of Cymbidium hookerianum
    JIN Hui, XU Zhong-xiang, CHEN Hui, HAN Su-fen
    2007, 29(4): 156-160.
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    Curing mechanism of ureaformaldehyde resin and its application
    LI Jian-zhang, LI Wen-jun, ZHOU Wen-rui, FAN Dong-bin, GAO Wei
    2007, 29(4): 90-94.
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    Rehabilitation effects of artificial habitat patch on damaged riverside ecosystem
    SUN Gang, YANG Hai-jun, YU Xin-xiao, HU Liang-jun
    2007, 29(4): 123-128.
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    The best tourism environmental capacity of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,southern China
    SHI Qiang, HE Qing-tang
    2007, 29(4): 143-147.
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    Fuzzy control on air-suction seeding system in the seedling production line
    GAO Lin, WANG Nai-kang, GAO Yong
    2007, 29(4): 75-79.
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