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    Hillslope soil erosion prediction based on WEPP model under different slope lengths in hillygully region of the loess area
    WANG Jian-xun, , ZHENG Fen-li, JIANG Zhong-shan, ZHANG Xun-chang
    2008, 30(2): 151-156.
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    Mechanical properties of carbon fiber precursors prepared from liquefied wood in phenol
    MA Xiao-jun, , ZHAO Guang-jie
    2008, 30(2): 133-137.
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    Endpressure and fitness ratio for minifinger jointing
    LIN Lan-ying, FU Feng
    2008, 30(2): 138-142.
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    Mathematical modeling of wood microwavevacuum drying
    LI Xian-jun, ZHANG Bi-guang, LI Wen-jun, ZHOU Yong-dong
    2008, 30(2): 124-128.
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    Preparation and analysis of wood vinegar with wood residues
    MU Jun, YU Zhi-ming, LI Li, ZHOU Wen-rui
    2008, 30(2): 129-132.
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    Influences of pH and heavy metals on the growth of three ectomycorrhizal fungi.
    ZHANG Ru-qin, TANG Ming, ZHANG Feng-feng, HUANG Ji-chuan
    2008, 30(2): 113-118.
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    Tensile stress relaxation of ACQ-D treated Cunninghamia lanceolata Hook
    LIU Zhi, , CAO Jin-zhen
    2008, 30(2): 119-123.
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    Comparison of rainfallrunoff process in watersheds under different scales on the loess area in western Shanxi Province, northern China.
    ZHANG Jian-jun, DONG Huang-biao, NA Lei, WANG Peng
    2008, 30(2): 106-112.
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    A method and apparatus of measurement of carbon dioxide flux from soil surface in situ.
    GAO Cheng-da, SUN Xiang-yang, CAO Ji-xin, LUAN Ya-ning, HAO Hu-dong, LI Ze-jiang, TANG Qing-yun
    2008, 30(2): 102-105.
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    Effects of soil moisture on photosynthetic characteristics of Larrea tridentata seedlings
    ZHANG Xiang-ning, SUN Xiang-yang, WANG Bao-ping, QIAO Jie, CUI Ling-jun, HUANG Yu
    2008, 30(2): 95-101.
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    Seasonal response of soil enzyme activity to thinning intensity in aerial seeding Pinus tabulaeformis stands.
    LI Guo-lei, LIU Yong, GAN Jing, GUO Bei, XU Yang
    2008, 30(2): 82-88.
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    Kinetic and thermodynamic properties of urease in different coniferous forest soils in Beijing Mountainous Area.
    WANG Le-le, NIE Li-shui, DAI Wei
    2008, 30(2): 89-94.
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    Effects of browning antagonists on antibrowning, growth and multiplication of tissue culture of tree peony
    LI Ping, CHENG Fang-yun, ZHANG Ying-xing
    2008, 30(2): 71-76.
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    Evapotranspiration of Dianthus chinensis at different irrigation levels
    YUAN Xiao-huan, , WU Ju-ying, SUN Lu, DUAN Liu-sheng, WANG Jian-zhong
    2008, 30(2): 77-81.
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    Characteristics and influencing factors of soil fauna community structure in an island forest in wetland,Sanjiang Plain
    WU Hai-tao, , L Xian-guo, YANG Qing, JIANG Ming, TONG Shou-zheng
    2008, 30(2): 50-58.
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    Direct somatic embryogenesis in groundcover chrysanthemum
    JIANG Xi-wang, , CHEN Fa-ju, LU Miao, CAI Ming, ZHANG Qi-xiang
    2008, 30(2): 65-70.
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    Effects of temperature reduction and humidity increase of plant communities in Shanghai
    ZHANG Ming-li, , QIN Jun, HU Yong-hong
    2008, 30(2): 39-43.
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    Pollination biology of rare and endangered species Malania oleifera Chun et Lee
    LAI Jia-ye, , SHI Hai-ming, PAN Chun-liu, CHEN Shang-wen, YE Yan-zuan, LI Ming, CHEN Fang
    2008, 30(2): 59-64.
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    Soil respiration characteristics of different vegetation types in the mountain areas of north China.
    FENG Chao-yang, , L Shi-hai, GAO Ji-xi, LIU Shang-hua, LIN Dong
    2008, 30(2): 20-26.
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    Vegetation restoration process in Xiaolangdi Reservoir Region of Henan Province
    ZHAO Yong, FAN Wei, FAN Guo-qiang
    2008, 30(2): 33-38.
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    Soil CO2 efflux and simulation of Forest-DNDC model in the mixed plantation of alder and cypress in hilly areas of the central Sichuan Basin
    WANG Xiao-guo, , HU Bo, AO Mei-rong, ANG Yan-qiang, HENG Xun-hua
    2008, 30(2): 27-32.
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    Spatial pattern of postfire regeneration of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica forest in Hulun Buir Sandland,northeastern China
    YANG Xiao-hui, YU Hong, YU Chun-tang, CI Long-jun
    2008, 30(2): 44-49.
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    Light requirement of Pinus koraiensis saplings from radial stem growth.
    HU Li-le, , YAN Bo-qian, SUN Yi-rong, ZHU Jiao- jun
    2008, 30(2): 147-150.
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    Progress in research on diversity of canopy arthropods
    WANG Yi-ping, WU Hong
    2008, 30(2): 143-146.
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    Respiration of fallen trees of Pinus koraiensis and Tilia amurensis in Changbaishan Mountains, northeastern China.
    WU Jia-bing, GUAN De-xin, HAN Shi-jie, PEI Tie-fan1, SHI Ting-ting, , ZHANG Mi
    2008, 30(2): 14-19.
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    Environmental bioindication of sulphur in tree rings of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) in the Pearl River Delta of China
    KUANG Yuan-wen, ZHOU Guo-yi, WEN Da-zhi
    2008, 30(2): 1-7.
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    Decomposition of leaf litter of Chinese fir in response to increased nitrogen deposition
    FAN Hou-bao, , LIU Wen-fei, YANG Yue-lin, ZHANG Zi-wen, CAO Hanyang, XU Lei
    2008, 30(2): 8-13.
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