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    Inhibiting mechanism of the extraction of Lactarius vellereus fermenting liquid on Alternaria alternata in poplar
    JI Hong-fang, ZHANG Ling-wen, SONG Rui-qing
    2008, 30(4): 146-149.
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    Anti-microbial functions of apple polyphenols.
    , , , ,
    2008, 30(4): 150-152.
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    Interspecific association of dominant tree species in Larix gmelini(Rupr.)Rupr. community of Maoer Mountain
    ZHANG Ling, , YUAN Xiao-ying, ZHANG Dong-lai
    2008, 30(4): 141-145.
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    Extraction techniques of volatile oil from Phyllostachys heterocyla cv. pubescens leaves
    L Zhao-lin, LI Yue-qi, QIN Jiao, WEI Qian, ZHANG Bo-lin
    2008, 30(4): 135-140.
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    Research and application of the spatial allocation optimization for protection forest system.
    WANG Chun-ling, WANG Peng.
    2008, 30(4): 126-130.
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    Evaluating tree species segregation based on neighborhood spatial relationships.
    HUI Gang-ying, HU Yan-bo, ZHAO Zhong-hua.
    2008, 30(4): 131-134.
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    Genetic variation, correlation and path analysis of Siraitia grosvenorii germplasm characters.
    MO Chang-ming, MA Xiao-jun, , QI Li-wang, BAI Long-hua, SHI Lei, FENG Shi-xin
    2008, 30(4): 121-125.
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    Runoff generation characteristics on three time scales for typical stands in Jinyun Mountain, Chongqing City
    CHU Xiao-yuan, WANG Yu-jie, WANG Yun-qi, CHENG Chen, XIA Yi-ping, WU Yun, CHEN Lin
    2008, 30(4): 103-108.
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    Selection of primers and establishment of AFLP analysis system on Holcocerus hippopaecolus.
    CHEN Min, TAO Jing, MA Chao-de, YIN Wei-lun, ZHU Yang-yu, ZONG Shi-xiang, LUO You-qing.
    2008, 30(4): 116-120.
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    Cloning and sequence analysis of the light harvesting complex Ⅰ gene(Lhca1) from three kinds of Phyllostachys and structure prediction of the protein
    TANG Wen-li, PENG Zhen-hua, , GAO Jian
    2008, 30(4): 109-115.
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    Spatio-temporal gradients of soil moisture in Daqinggou Nature Reserve, Inner Mongolia.
    YU Ming-tao, ZHANG Nan-nan, GUAN Wen-bin, YE Min-sheng, CHEN Jun
    2008, 30(4): 95-102.
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    Variation of stem sap flow of Salix matsudana and its impact factors.
    CHEN Chong, LI Ji-yue, , WANG Yu- tao
    2008, 30(4): 82-88.
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    Hydraulic conductivity characteristics of rootzones at different ratios of sand to soil
    SONG Gui-long, HAN Lie-bao, LI De-ying
    2008, 30(4): 89-94.
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    Effects of soil seed bank on vegetation restoration in abandoned croplands on the hillygullied Loess Plateau
    BAI Wen-juan, , JIAO Ju-ying, ZHANG Zhen-guo
    2008, 30(4): 65-71.
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    Cold tolerance of Butia capitata,Acoelorrhaphe wrightii and Elaeis guineensis
    RUAN Zhi-ping, , XIANG Ping, LI Zhen-ji
    2008, 30(4): 77-81.
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    Strontium isotopes as a tracer of plant nutrition element source in yellow soil region of Guizhou Province
    ZHENG Hou-yi, , LIU Cong-qiang, WANG Zhong-liang, YANG Cheng, CHEN Shu, ZHU Shu-fa
    2008, 30(4): 72-76.
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    Vertical pattern of flora from Changbai Mountain, China.
    CAO Wei, LI Yuanyuan
    2008, 30(4): 53-58.
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    Estimating standing stock of litter in the Larix olgensis plantation by geostatistics method.
    SUN Zhi-hu, MU Chang-cheng, ZHANG Yan-dong.
    2008, 30(4): 59-64.
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    Landscape estimation and management technique principles of different seasonal scenic and recreational forests in West Mountain, Beijing
    CHEN Xin-feng, , JIA Li-ming, WANG Yan, ZHOU Rong-wu, LI Xiao-wen
    2008, 30(4): 39-45.
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    Purification of anthocyanins from perilla leaves with macroporous adsorbing resins
    HU Xiao-dan, , ZHANG De-quan, SUN Ai-dong
    2008, 30(4): 34-38.
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    Landscape pattern analysis and comprehensive assessment of urban forest in the three districts of Maanshan City based on RS and GIS
    WANG Yuan, WU Ze-min, ZHANG Hao, ZHAO Xia
    2008, 30(4): 46-52.
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    The extracting technology and antioxidant properties of the total flavonoids from the old leaves of Toona sinensis
    WANG Chang-lu, JIANG Shen-hua, , CHEN Zhi-qiang, CHEN Mian-hua, WANG Yu-rong, LIU Chang-jin, XIA Lian-fa
    2008, 30(4): 28-33.
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    The working principles and mathematical model of the capacitive sensor with electrodes of arbitrary shape.
    LIU Shao-gang, MENG Qing-xin, LUO Yue-sheng, DONG Xiao-zhang, TIAN Yong-chen
    2008, 30(4): 17-21.
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    Light-induced discoloration and influencing factors of dyed veneer after painted.
    GUO Hong-wu, WANG Jin-lin, LI Chun-sheng, YAN Hao-Peng
    2008, 30(4): 22-27.
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    Use of Pilodyn tester for estimating basic density in standing trees of hardwood plantation
    YIN Ya-fang, WANG Li-juan, JANG Xiao-mei.
    2008, 30(4): 7-11.
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    A method for wood pore image segmentation based on mathematical morphology.
    QI Heng-nian, CHEN Feng-nong, FANG Lu-ming, MA Ling-fei
    2008, 30(4): 12-16.
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    Preparation of composite ultrafiltration membrane made of cellulose micro/nano crystal
    ZHANG Li-ping, CHEN Guo-wei, TANG Huan-wei
    2008, 30(4): 1-6.
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