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    Compatible stem taper and volume models for dahurian larch
    JIANG Li-chun, LI Feng-ri, LIU Rui-long
    2011, 33(5): 1-7.
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    Visualization of individual Mongolian Scots pines in the plantation conditions based on characteristic parameters of morphological structures
    DONG Ling-bo, LIU Zhao-gang
    2011, 33(5): 20-27.
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    A topography-adjusted vegetation index (TAVI) and its application in dynamic forest monitoring
    JIANG Hong, MAO Zheng-yuan, WANG Xiao-qin
    2011, 33(5): 8-12.
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    Simulating long-term effects of different harvesting modes on forest fire in Huzhong Forest Region, northeastern China.
    CHEN Hong-wei, HU Yuan-man, CHANG Yu, BU Ren-cang, LI Yue-hui, LIU Miao
    2011, 33(5): 13-19.
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    Interspecific association among arbor species in two succession stages of spruce-fir conifer and broadleaved mixed forest in Changbai Mountains,northeastern China
    GONG Zhi-wen, KANG Xin-gang, GU Li, GAO Yan, FENG Qi-xiang, YAO Jing-chun
    2011, 33(5): 28-33.
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    A preliminary study on the systematic position of Clematis acerifolia based on the analyses of ITS and plastid regions.
    MU Lin, XIE Lei
    2011, 33(5): 49-55.
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    Distribution pattern of plant sexual system diversity in Populus lasiocarpa Oliv. community.
    LONG Ru, SHANG Ce, QU Shang, ZHANG Zhi-xiang
    2011, 33(5): 34-41.
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    Effect of different nitrogen supply on light-response curves of Quercus variabilis seedlings
    YANG Zi-li, MA Lü-yi, JIA Zhong-kui, WANG Zi
    2011, 33(5): 56-60.
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    Anatomic characteristics of transverse lateral roots and adventitious buds of Populus euphratica.
    LI Zhi-jun, JIAO Pei-pei, ZHOU Zheng-li, LI Qian, LI Jian-qiang
    2011, 33(5): 42-48.
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    Preparation and antioxidant capacity of high boiling solvent lignin nano-powder.
    LU Qi, ZHU Ming-hua, ZU Yuan-gang, ZHANG Ying, ZHANG Xiao-nan, LI Wen-gang, ZU Bai-shi, ZHANG Bao-you
    2011, 33(5): 69-74.
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    Nitrogen absorption and assimilation characteristics of Pinus koraiensis seedings in different NH+4/NO-3 ratios
    ZHANG Yun, CUI Xiao-yang
    2011, 33(5): 61-64.
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    Dynamic changes of carbon storage in trunk volume of Pinus tabulaeformis, Robinia pseudoacacia and Populus euramericana.
    YIN Ming-fang, YANG Lin, YIN Wei-da, LEI Qing-guo, TAN Xi-bin, ZHANG Yan-hui4, LI Zhi-wei
    2011, 33(5): 65-68.
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    Distribution patterns of ant species from Mount Sejila, southeastern Tibet
    YU Na-na, XU Zheng-hui, ZHANG Cheng-lin, CHU Jiao-jiao, YANG Bi-lun, LIU Xia
    2011, 33(5): 75-80.
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    Automatic stridulation identification of bark beetles based on MFCC and BP Network.
    LUO Qian, WANG Hong-bin, ZHANG Zhen, KONG Xiang-bo
    2011, 33(5): 81-85.
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    Expression analysis of Bt-BADH-GA20ox-rolB multigenes in transgenic tobacco plants
    SUN Li-yang, LI Jing, YUAN Hu-wei, YAO Jing-han1, LI Wei, CHEN Xiao-yang
    2011, 33(5): 86-90.
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    Transformation of ground-cover Chrysanthemum with HsfA2 gene isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana
    ZHAO Ling-li, SHI Shao-chuan, SUN Jia-qi, ZHANG Qi-xiang, GAO Yi-ke
    2011, 33(5): 97-102.
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    Screening of white rot fungi and preliminary mechanism in their biodegradation on Populus nigra during short-time fermentation
    WANG Wei, CUI Bao-kai, DAI Yu-cheng
    2011, 33(5): 91-96.
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    Development of mei flowers SSR primers from closely related species SSR and EST-SSR
    WU Gen-song, SUN Li-dan, ZHANG Qi-xiang, PAN Hui-tang, CAI Ming
    2011, 33(5): 103-108.
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    Application of green waste compost for Calathca rotundifola cv. Fasciata cultivation
    ZHANG Lu, SUN Xiang-yang, TIAN Yun
    2011, 33(5): 109-114.
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    Detection of simulated defects of wood beams by using the differences of local modal flexibility
    HU Chuan-shuang, WEN Wei, ZHOU Hai-bin, YUN Hong
    2011, 33(5): 122-125.
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    Response of wood density of Picea crassifolia to climate change in Qilian Mountains of northwestern China
    XU Jin-mei, L Jian-xiong, BAO Fu-cheng, HUANG Rong-feng, LIU Xian-de, Robert Evans, ZHAO You-ke
    2011, 33(5): 115-121.
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    Determining main mechanical properties of ancient architectural timber
    ZHANG Hou-jiang, ZHU Lei, SUN Yan-liang, WANG Xi-ping
    2011, 33(5): 126-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Development on transportation supervisory system of forest products in southern forest region of China
    LIN Yu-hong, SHEN Rong-feng, QIU Rong-zu
    2011, 33(5): 130-135.
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    Conservation ecology of endangered plant Castanopsis kawakamii
    LIU Jin-fu, HE Zhong-sheng, HONG Wei, ZHENG Shi-qun, WANG Zhao-jie
    2011, 33(5): 136-143.
    Abstract PDF
    Review of methods on estimating forest above ground biomass
    ZHANG Zhi, TIAN Xin, CHEN Er-xue, HE Qi-sheng
    2011, 33(5): 144-150.
    Abstract PDF
    Antifeedant activity of the secondary metabolic compounds of yew against Lymantria dispar L. larvae.
    HU Xiao, YAN Shan-chun, LU Yi-fang, LIU Tong
    2011, 33(5): 151-154.
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