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    Construction of tree volume equations for Chinese fir plantation in Guizhou Province, southwestern China.
    XIA Zhong-sheng, ZENG Wei-sheng, ZHU Song, LUO Hong-zhang1
    2012, 34(1): 1-5.
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    Carbon density and storage for Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantation based on compatible biomass models
    JIA Wei-wei, LI Feng-ri, DONG Li-hu, ZHAO Xin
    2012, 34(1): 6-13.
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    Carbon storage in fast-growing and highyield poplar plantations under subsurface drip irrigation.
    SI Jing, JIA Li-ming, WEI Yan-kui, XING Chang-shan, LIU Shi-qi, GUO Zheng-xing
    2012, 34(1): 14-18.
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    Community structure characteristics and productivity of varied Pinus densiflora forest types in Kunyu Mountain, Shandong Province of eastern China
    DU Hua
    2012, 34(1): 19-24.
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    Comparative study on plant traits between sexual and asexual reproduction for Pinus tabuliformis.
    LI Wei, ZHU Song-lin, LI Yue
    2012, 34(1): 46-50.
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    Coupling effects of water and nitrogen on the stand volume and economic benefit of Populus tomentosa clone plantations
    REN Zhong-xiu, NIE Li-shui, ZHANG Zhi-yi, ZHANG Qiang, SONG Lian-jun, LI Yun
    2012, 34(1): 25-31.
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    Comparative study on estimation methods for soil erodibility K in purple hilly area.
    SHI Dong-mei, CHEN Zheng-fa, JIANG Guang-yi, JIANG Dong
    2012, 34(1): 32-38.
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    Establishing an integrated mechanical model of root tensile strength—taking four common arbor species in North China for example
    WANG Ping-hua, CHEN Li-hua, JI Xiao-dong, SONG Heng-chuan, GAI Xiao-gang, JIANG Kun-yun, Lv Chun-juan
    2012, 34(1): 39-45.
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    AFLP molecular marker of Salix spp. based on apillary electrophoresis
    Lv Jin-hui, HU Jian-jun, LU Meng-zhu
    2012, 34(1): 51-57.
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    Changes of several physiological indices in hybrid clones of Populus deltoides Bartr. ×P. ussuriensis Kom. under low temperature stress.
    JIANG Xi-bing, SONG Yue-peng, MA Kai-feng, GUO Bin, AN Xinmin, ZHANG Zhi-yi, SHI Zhi-wei, XU Lan-li, ZHANG You-hui
    2012, 34(1): 58-63.
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    Lethal doseeffect correlations of chloride snowmelting agent on Euonymus japonicus
    LI Zhou-yuan, ZHOU Jun-hui, LIANG Ying-mei
    2012, 34(1): 64-69.
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    Effects of spinosad on the activity of protective enzymes and chitinase in Lymantria dispar.
    YAN Jie-ming, YAN Shan-chun, CAO Chuan-wang.
    2012, 34(1): 80-85.
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    Seedling cultivation of Picea pungens with mycorrhizal fungi.
    DU Rui, ZHENG Hong-juan, JIA Gui-xia
    2012, 34(1): 70-74.
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    Influence of pine wood nematode invasion on pine community function in Pinghu region of Zhejiang Province, eastern China.
    WANG Zhuang, ZHANG Yan, SHI Juan, LUO You-qing, REN Li-li, SHI Yu-ming
    2012, 34(1): 75-79.
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    Forest fire spread fast model based on 3D cellular automaton in spatially heterogeneous area.
    CHEN Zhe, SUN Tao, ZHANG Ling-han, QIN Qian-qing
    2012, 34(1): 86-91.
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    Construction of retrieval database system for ornamental plants in Tibet, southwestern China.
    XING Zhen, ZHANG Qi-xiang, LIU Hao, PAN Hui-tang, HAN Cun-mei, LAI Xin-zhou
    2012, 34(1): 105-109.
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    Selection of pattern classifier in automatic detection for forest fire smoke feature.
    HUANG Ru-le, WU Jiang, HAN Ning
    2012, 34(1): 92-95.
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    Species identification of Prunus mume based on image analysis.
    ZHANG Juan, HUANG Xin-yuan
    2012, 34(1): 96-104.
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    Periodic solutions and chaos strange attractors of nonlinear dynamic system on “forestbamboogiant panda”
    GUI Zhan-ji, CHENG Yan-xia, SONG Guo-hua
    2012, 34(1): 110-114.
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    Reinforcement of plant fiberbased ultra low density material with sodium silicate
    XIE Yong-qun, LIU Jing-hong, LIN Ming, LIU Xiao-zheng, TONG Que-ju
    2012, 34(1): 115-118.
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    Pyrolysis characteristics of poplar particleboards containing UF resins
    FENG Yong-shun, HUANG Zhi-yi, MU Jun
    2012, 34(1): 119-122.
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    Size effects of width on tensile strength of visuallygraded Chinese larch lumber
    ZHOU Hai-bin, JIANG Jing-hui, WANG Xue-shun, REN Hai-qing
    2012, 34(1): 127-130.
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    Constructing a twovariable model for predicting longitudinal MOE of wood: a case study on Chinese fir wood.
    ZHANG Shu-qin, FEI Ben-hua, YU Yan, XING Xin-ting, WANG Han-kun
    2012, 34(1): 123-126.
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    Lignin separation and antioxidant capacity from Acanthopanax senticosus remainders using acetone.
    ZHU Ming-hua, FANG Gui-zhen, HAN Shi-yan, ZHANG Yan-hua, RONG Hai-hong, GUO Jun, SHI Yong-chun
    2012, 34(1): 135-140.
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    Influence of lignin content on tensile properties of single wood fiber.
    ZHANG Shuang-yan, FEI Ben-hua, YU Yan, CHENG Hai-tao, WANG Chuan-gui
    2012, 34(1): 131-134.
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