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    Physiological response of Betula platyphylla leaves to fire and the restoration after fire
    WANG Rong, HU Hai-qing
    2013, 35(6): 1-6.
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    Analysis and evaluation of growth and adaptive performance of white poplar hybrid clones in different sites.
    ZHAO Xi-yang, LI Ying, ZHAO Li, WU Pei-li, ZHANG Zhi-yi
    2013, 35(6): 7-14.
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    Effects of tree competition on biomass and biomass models of Pinus koraiensis plantation.
    DONG Li-hu, LI Feng-ri, JIA Wei-wei.
    2013, 35(6): 14-22.
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    Using dummy variable approach to construct segmented aboveground biomass models for larch and oak in northeastern China.
    ZHENG Dong-mei, ZENG Wei-sheng.
    2013, 35(6): 23-27.
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    Spatial distribution patterns and associations of main tree species in spruce-fir forest in Changbai Mountains, northeastern China.
    NI Rui-qiang, TANG Jing-yi, CHENG Yan-xia, ZHANG Chun-yu, CHEN Bei-bei, HE Huai- jiang, XIA Fu-cai
    2013, 35(6): 28-35.
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    Estimation of carbon storage of regional poplar plantations based on Landsat thematic mapper image in Heze of Shandong Province, eastern China.
    LIU Shi-qi, JIA Li-ming, YANG Jun, XIN Jian-hua
    2013, 35(6): 36-41.
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    Comprehensive evaluation and screening of different pollination combinations of chestnut based on different evaluation methods
    GUO Su-juan, , Wen-jun, ZOU Feng, XIE Peng
    2013, 35(6): 42-47.
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    Establishment and application of cDNA-AFLP technical system for xylem tissue of Betula luminifera.
    JIANG Cheng, LIN Er-pei, HUANG Hua-hong, TONG Zai-kang.
    2013, 35(6): 48-54.
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    Characteristics of caloric values of Kandelia obovata among different origins in north marginal region of natural mangrove,eastern China.
    TAN Yong, LI Xiao-jing, HE Dong-jin, WANG Ren, CAI Jin-biao, ZHENG Kai-ji, YOU Wei- bin, ZHANG Zhong-rui, XIAO Shi-hong
    2013, 35(6): 55-60.
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    Dynamics of soil water content in poplar plantation cultivated with drip irrigation system
    FU Jian-ping, LAN Zai-ping, SUN Shang-wei, LIU Jun-qin, LIU Zhi-ren
    2013, 35(6): 61-66.
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    Valuation of ecological service on soil conservation function before and after Grain for Green Project in Yan'an City, northwestern China.
    CHEN Ya-ru, KANG Mu-yi, SONG Fu-qiang.
    2013, 35(6): 67-73.
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    Plant material selection for riverbank protection by using soil bioengineering based on plant flexibility.
    LIU Ying, GAO Jia-rong, GU Lan.
    2013, 35(6): 74-79.
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    Ultrastructural observations on antennal sensilla of Massicus raddei Blessig ( Coleoptera: Cerambycidae ).
    LI Yan, MENG Qing-fan, ZONG Xiang, GAO Wen-tao
    2013, 35(6): 80-86.
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    Resource investigation and diversity of macrofungi in Wangyedian Forest Farm of Inner Mongolia, northern China.
    YU Pan, XU Rui, ZHAO Guo-zhu, WU Zhi-yan, LI Wen-chen, MA Cheng-gong
    2013, 35(6): 87-95.
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    Carbohydrate metabolism and activity variation of related enzymes during the exchanging role of bulb source and sink of oriental hybrid lily ‘Sorbonne'
    WU Sha-sha, PENG Dong-hui, LI Wen-qi, WANG Jing-mao, , Ying-min
    2013, 35(6): 96-102.
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    Optimization of combustion chamber design for a truck-mounted fogger.
    ZHOU Hong-ping, XU Lin-yun, ZHAO Shu-yu.
    2013, 35(6): 103-107.
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    Tree root GPR target detection based on the gradient magnitude and modified Hough transform.
    SONG Wen-long, YANG Xin, LI Ke-xin, JIA He-ming.
    2013, 35(6): 108-112.
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    Activated carbon prepared from wood particleboard by chemical activation with potassium hydroxide.
    WU Xiao-feng, YU Zhi-ming, SU Ke, HUANG Zhi-yi.
    2013, 35(6): 113-117.
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    Cavitation characteristics of a multi-stage centrifugal forest fire-extinguishing pump
    CAI Ya-guang, YU Wen-hua, SONG Yang.
    2013, 35(6): 118-123.
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    Value accounting of forest carbon sinks in China.
    ZHANG Ying, ZHOU Xue, QIN Qing-feng, CHEN Ke
    2013, 35(6): 124-131.
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    Composition of polysaccharides and monosaccharides in blueberries.
    GUO Hong-xuan, , Zhao-lin, PAN Yue, LEI Mei-ling, ZHANG Bo-lin
    2013, 35(6): 132-136.
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    Designing method of terrestrial wildlife path
    LI Yu-qiang, XING Shao-hua, LIU Sheng-qiang, LUO Ai-dong, CUI Guo-fa
    2013, 35(6): 137-143.
    Abstract PDF
    Method of risk assessment and management for ancient trees
    ZHENG Ran, YUE Ye, WANG Xiao-hui, WEN Zhi-yong, GUAN Wen-bin
    2013, 35(6): 144-150.
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