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    Construction and utilization of continuous inventory system for forest ecology.
    WANG Bing
    2015, 37(1): 1-14. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.011
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    A new method for measuring population distribution patterns of forest trees based on the mingling degree.
    HU Yan-bo, HUI Gang-ying
    2015, 37(1): 9-21. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.009
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    Comparative analysis of four techniques for evaluating seed viability of Caragana korshinskii Kom.
    LI Jia-guo, LI Song-lin, HAN Mei, WANG Xiao-feng
    2015, 37(1): 15-28. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.020
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    Cloning and characterization of PdDHN2b gene from Populus deltoides×Populus nigra.
    GUO Peng, XING Xin, ZHANG Wan-jun, JIANG Jian
    2015, 37(1): 22-36. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.017
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    Cloning and expression analysis of PwTCP-1 in Picea wilsonii.
    SUN Fan, LI Chang-jiang, CUI Xiao-yan, ZHANG Ling-yun
    2015, 37(1): 29-41. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.014
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    Effects of elevated CO2 on physiological characteristics of water in Pinus koraiensis seedlings and soil moisture in a controlled environment.
    ZHANG Yun, LI Xiang, ZHANG Fan, LIAO Yuan-ru
    2015, 37(1): 37-47. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.004
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    Yield model of Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation based on back propagation neural network and support vector machine.
    LIN Zhuo, WU Cheng-zhen, HONG Wei, HONG Tao
    2015, 37(1): 42-54. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.008
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    Quality assessment at subcompartment level of forests used for timber production based on factor analysis: a case study in Jiangle national forest farm, Fujian Province.
    MO Ke, ZHAO Tian-zhong, LAN Hai-yang, LI Wei
    2015, 37(1): 48-61. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.007
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    Method of identification of foliage from plants based on extraction of multiple features of leaf images.
    WANG Li-jun, HUAI Yong-jian, PENG Yue-cheng
    2015, 37(1): 55-69. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.006
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    Assessment of natural forest ecosystem services in Buerjin County, Xinjiang.
    HUANG Ji-hong, LU Xing-hui, GUO Zhong-jun, WANG Ji-ping, ZANG Run-guo
    2015, 37(1): 62-77. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.019
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    Optimal fertilization for Castanea mollissima ‘Yanshanzaofeng’ based on the saturated D-optimal design.
    LIU Zheng-min, GUO Su-juan, XU Cheng, QIN Tian-tian, SUN Xiao-bing
    2015, 37(1): 70-83. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.016
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    How Trichoderma virens affects growth indicators, physiological and biochemical parameters of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica seedlings.
    YIN Da-chuan, YANG Li-bin, DENG Xun, Ilan Chet, SONG Rui-qing
    2015, 37(1): 78-91. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.012
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    Characteristics of typical Masson pine community and soil properties at the early invasive stage of pine wood nematode in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region, central China.
    GAO Rui-he, SONG De-wen, HUANG Rui-fen, SHI Juan, LUO You-qing, LIU Hong-gao, CHEN Jing-yuan
    2015, 37(1): 84-97. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.013
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    Potential flight capability of the emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire (Coleoptera: Buprestidae).
    WANG Hui, XU Zhi-chun, Baode Wang, LUO You-qing
    2015, 37(1): 92-106. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.015
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    Composition and amounts of fatty acids in Perilla frutescens seed oils of different varieties and areas.
    ZHOU Xiao-jing, LI Ke, FAN Hang, LIU Tong, LI Chun-fang, MA Chao, LIU Yu-jun
    2015, 37(1): 98-114. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.005
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    Comprehensive evaluation and screening of tulip cultivars based on their ornamental value and reuse of bulbs.
    XIONG Ya-yun, XIA Wen-tong, WANG Jing, LIU Yan, PAN Wan-chun
    2015, 37(1): 107-121. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.010
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    Optimal process and reliability analysis of fiber-ammonium lignosulphonate-PLA wood composites .
    HU Jian-peng, GUO Ming-hui
    2015, 37(1): 115-126. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.001
    Abstract PDF
    Factors affecting sanding force and optimal sanding parameters of Populus.
    XU Mei-jun, LI Li, LUO Bin
    2015, 37(1): 122-133. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.002
    Abstract PDF
    The effect of boric acid-borax on the pyrolysis characteristics of poplar oriented strand board.
    ZHANG Yu, MU Jun, LI Si-jin, ZHAO Yang
    2015, 37(1): 127-138. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.003
    Abstract PDF
    Microwave and ultrasonic effects on the extraction and antioxidation of larch bark polyphenols.
    GUO Qing-qi, ZHANG Na, LIU Yi-bing, WANG Zhen-yu
    2015, 37(1): 134-138. DOI: 10.13332/j.cnki.jbfu.2015.01.018
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