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    Genetic differences revealed by Genomic-SSR and EST-SSR in poplar
    SONG Yue-peng, JIANG Xi-bing, ZHANG Man, WANG Ze-liang, BO Wen-hao, AN Xin-min, ZHANG Zhi-yi
    2010, 32(5): 1-7.
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    Isolation, sequence analysis and transcriptional activation study of two novel DREB genes from Populus euphratica Oliv
    CHEN Jin-huan, YE Chu-yu, XIA Xin-li, YIN Wei-lun
    2010, 32(5): 27-33.
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    .Morphological and physiological genetic diversity of Populus simonii in northeastern and north China.
    WEI Zun-zheng, PAN Wei, ZHAO Xing, ZHANG Jin-feng, LI Bai-lian, ZHANG De-qiang
    2010, 32(5): 8-14.
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    Genetic transformation of Populus tomentosa Carr. with sterility construct of PtAP3
    YU Lai, AN Xin-min, CAO Guan-lin, CHEN Zhong, ZHANG Zhi-yi
    2010, 32(5): 15-20.
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    A study on the efficient protocol for transforming MdSPDS1 gene into Populus tomentosa Carr.
    LONG Cui, PANG Xiao-ming, CAO Guan-lin, LIU Ying, ZHANG Zhi-yi
    2010, 32(5): 21-26.
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    Constructing cDNA-AFLP reaction system of abiotic stress study for Populus euphratica
    MA Hong-shuang, XIA Xin-li, YIN Wei-lun
    2010, 32(5): 34-40.
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    Comparative study of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and water physiological characters of heteromorphic leaves for Populus euphratica
    HAO Jian-qing, LV Na, YANG Yang, LI Wen-hai, BAI Xue, ZHENG Cai-xia
    2010, 32(5): 41-44.
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    Tetraploid induction of Populus hybrid in section Tacamahaca through zygotic chromosome doubling with physical and chemical treatments
    WANG Jun, KANG Xiang-yang, SHI Le, LU Min, YANG Jun
    2010, 32(5): 63-66.
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    1 Key Laboratory for Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees and Ornamental Plants of Ministry of Education, National Engineering Laboratory for Forest Tree Breeding, Beijing Forestry University, 100083, P.R.China; 2 College of Forestry, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, 510642, P.R.China.
    LI Wei, LI Na, CHEN Xiao-yang
    2010, 32(5): 45-49.
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    Amplifying total RNA of ovules in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. using Super SMART cDNA synthesis technology.
    XU Li-li, L Kun, ZHENG Cai-xia, ZHAO Bai-hui
    2010, 32(5): 50-53.
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    Cytological mechanism of cytoplasmic inheritance in section Leuce:Ⅰ. Cytoplasmic DNA within generative cell and sperm cell
    CUI Bin-bin, LI Yun, JIN Xiao-jie, FENG Hui
    2010, 32(5): 54-62.
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    Genetic variation of bark thickness and wet heart wood of intraspecific hybrid clones in Populus deltoides
    ZHAO Xi-yang, SONG Yue-peng, MA Kai-feng, WANG Si-qi, DONG Xiao-fei, ZHANG Zhi-yi.
    2010, 32(5): 67-73.
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    Contrasting studies on photosynthetic characteristics of Zizyphus jujuba cv. Dongzao grafted seedlings from different producing places
    YAO Li-xin, PANG Xiao-ming, KANG Xiang-yang, ZHU Rui, MA Wen-yan, XU Jiu-ru.
    2010, 32(5): 107-110.
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    Alkaline-salt tolerance indices of Ulmus pumila L. seedling and family evaluation on alkaline-salt tolerance
    LI Qing-jian, CHEN Zhi-qiang, SHI Rui-ting, ZHANG Jian-qiu, WANG Guo-zhu, ZHANG Yu-Ling, LI Yue
    2010, 32(5): 74-81.
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    Adventitious bud formation in vitro from mature zygotic embryos of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.
    LI Hui, ZHANG Qian, FU Wen-feng, ZHANG Jin-feng
    2010, 32(5): 111-115.
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    Effects of supplemental lighting treatments on seedling growth of varied provenances in black spruce
    OUYANG Fang-qun, ZHANG Shou-gong, WANG Jun-hui, MA Jian-wei, JIANG Ming, WANG Mei-qin, LI Yue
    2010, 32(5): 82-87.
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    Flowering synchronization stability of clones among plant ages in a seed orchard of Pinus tabulaeformis
    LI Yue, WANG Xiao-ru, LI Wei, SHEN Xi-huan, XU Jiu-ru
    2010, 32(5): 88-93.
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    Variations of fruit and seed traits of natural and artificial populations in Camellia reticulata L
    HUANG Jia-cong, HE Jun, YIN Rui-ping, WAN Xiao-jun, GUO Jun, XIN Cheng-lian, GONG Fa-ping, LI Yue
    2010, 32(5): 94-101.
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    Effects of cultivation models on biomass and leaf nutritive value of tetraploid Robinia pseudoacacia
    ZHANG Guo-jun, LI Yun, XU Zhao-he, SUN Peng, YUAN Cun-quan
    2010, 32(5): 102-106.
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    Callus induction and plantlet regeneration from leaves of hybrid Broussonetia papyrifera.
    WEI Hui-qin, LIU Zhong-hua, MA Lan, WAN Wen, SHENG De-ce
    2010, 32(5): 116-120.
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    Construction of multi-gene expression vector and tobacco transformation based on Cre-LoxP recombination system
    JIA Xiang-nan, LI Wei, SHEN Jun-ling, OUYANG Kun-xi, CHEN Xiao-yang
    2010, 32(5): 121-125.
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    Analysis of AsEXP1 gene related to drought tolerance in creeping bentgrass
    XU Xiao, HUANG Bing-ru, XU Ji-chen
    2010, 32(5): 126-131.
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    Some understandings on polyploid breeding of poplars
    KANG Xiang-yang
    2010, 32(5): 149-153.
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    Diurnal change of net photosynthetic rates in Pueraria lobata and its relation with environmental factors
    DING You-fang, ZHANG Xiao-xia, SHI Ling-ling, ZHANG Yun-wei, YANG Fu-yu, LIU Yu-jun
    2010, 32(5): 132-137.
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    Tissue culture and rapid propagation of Pueraria lobata.
    ZHANG Xiao-xia, DING You-fang, SHI Ling-ling, ZHANG Yun-wei, WANG Fu-hai, YANG Fu-yu, LIU Yu-jun
    2010, 32(5): 138-142.
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    Quantitative analysis of jasmonic acids, indole-3-acetic acid and abscisic acid in plant tissues by GC-MS
    LI Jin-ke, CHEN Hua-jun, CHEN Shao-liang
    2010, 32(5): 143-148.
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    Advancements in expansin genes of plants.
    XU Xiao, XU Qian, ZHANG Kai, XU Ji-chen
    2010, 32(5): 154-162.
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    Advances in telomere and telomerase in plants.
    LIU Di, SONG Han, LI Feng-lan, LU Hai
    2010, 32(5): 163-167.
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    PP2C-type protein phosphatases and their functions in stress signaling
    CHEN Jin-huan, XIA Xin-li, YIN Wei-lun
    2010, 32(5): 168-171.
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    Research on UBL5 gene and its product structure and function
    SHANG Shu-jiao, ZHOU Yan, LOU Xing-liang, GAO Shu-min, FAN Chun-xia
    2010, 32(5): 172-176.
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