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    Establishment of below-ground biomass equations for larch in northeastern and Masson pine in southern China
    ZENG Wei-sheng, TANG Shou-zheng
    2011, 33(2): 1-6.
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    Quantitative classification of forestry development compartment of Guizhou Province
    ZHAO Hua, LIU Yong, JIN Xiao-qi
    2011, 33(2): 7-13.
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    Patterns of water transport in tree rings of four tree species
    LIU Sheng, SONG Cai-min, LI Guo-wei
    2011, 33(2): 14-18.
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    Discrimination of water use efficiency(WUE) among three Populus deltoids clones.
    GUO Peng, XING Hai-tao, XIA Xin-li, YIN Wei-lun
    2011, 33(2): 19-24.
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    Vigor and physiological properties of ultra-drying seeds of Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr. and L. kaempferi(Lamb.)
    LI Qing-mei, LIU Yan, CHEN Huai-liang, MA Feng-yun, HOU Long-yu
    2011, 33(2): 25-30.
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    Effects of fertilization on uptake and availability of N and P nutrient pool of Larix olgensis seedlings.
    KANG Yao-yao, LIU Yong, MA Lü-yi, LI Guo-lei, ZHU Yan, MA Yue
    2011, 33(2): 31-36.
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    Regional variation of forest ecosystem services in China
    WANG Bing, REN Xiao-xu, HU Wen.
    2011, 33(2): 43-47.
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    Distribution characteristics and boundary effects of soil nutrient in silvopastoral system in the loess region of western Shanxi Province, northern China
    YUN Lei, BI Hua-xing, MA Wen-jing, TIAN Xiao-ling, CUI Zhe-wei, ZHOU Hui-zi, ZHU Yue.
    2011, 33(2): 37-42.
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    Structure and spatial distribution patterns of Populus euphratica populations from different habitats in the Dunhuang Oasis
    LIU Pu-xing, LU Chen-yu, YAO Xiao-jun, CAO Li-guo
    2011, 33(2): 48-52.
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    Characteristics and trend of soil temperature in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests in Mt. Ailaoshan
    YOU Guang-yong, ZHANG Yi-ping, LIU Yu-hong, GONG He-de, LUO You-yong
    2011, 33(2): 53-58.
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    Negative air ion concentration and affecting factors in Beijing Olympic Forest Park.
    PAN Jian-bin, DONG Li, LIAO Sheng-xiao, QIAO Lei, YAN Hai
    2011, 33(2): 59-64.
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    Introduction of flare tree peonies(Paeonia rockii) to Chifeng district of Inner Mongolia and their cold resistance
    ZHAO Xue-mei, CHENG Fang-yun, TANG Li-hong, ZHU Yue, YUAN Jun-hui, JU Zhi-xin
    2011, 33(2): 84-90.
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    Applications and analysis of methods for breeding value prediction in forest trees.
    SUN Xiao-mei, YANG Xiu-yan
    2011, 33(2): 65-71.
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    Relationship between crown structure of poplar and poplar canker in different site conditions
    HUANG Feng-long, JIAO Yi-jie, ZHANG Xing-yao, FAN Jun-feng, LIANG Jun
    2011, 33(2): 72-76.
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    Cloning and expression of GhAOS gene from Gladiolus hybridus
    LIAN Qing-long, HAN Hao-jun, XIN Hai-bo, CHEN Li, HU Xiao-yan, HE Xiu-li, YI Ming-fang
    2011, 33(2): 77-83.
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    Effect of sliding cutting angle of bush reciprocating cutter on bush cutting
    CHEN Cheng, YU Guo-sheng
    2011, 33(2): 115-119.
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    .Effects of different drying pretreatments on pore structure of poplar tension wood
    CHANG Shan-shan, HU Jin-bo, ZHAO Guang-jie
    2011, 33(2): 91-95.
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    Changes of antioxidant activity of phenolics in Toona sinensis during storage.
    DU Jian, YANG Ying, ZHAO Ming-ye, WANG Jun, CHEN Min
    2011, 33(2): 120-125.
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    Delignification of bamboo and straw using CO2 supercritical fluid extraction technology
    LIU Jiang-yan, WU Shu-bin
    2011, 33(2): 96-104.
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    Application of anti-interference design to lumber stress rating system.
    LIU Yan, ZHANG Hou-jiang, HUANG Yan
    2011, 33(2): 105-109.
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    Wireless location and speed measurement of monorail vehicles for forest fruits based on GPRS
    GAO Lin, XUE Hui-xia, LI Wen-bin, YANG Kai, WANG Lu.
    2011, 33(2): 110-114.
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    Comparision and determination of volatile compounds from Hippophae rhamnoides in natural forests and plantations.
    LIU Shu-jing, JIN You-ju, ZONG Shi-xiang, LUO You-qing, YAO Guo-long
    2011, 33(2): 139-142.
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    .Extraction and antioxidation of anthocyanins from blueberry.
    CHEN Jian, SUN Ai-dong, GAO Xue-juan, TAO Xiao-yun, WANG Shan-shan
    2011, 33(2): 126-129.
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    Effects of AMF community on the growth and nutrient uptake of white clover at different N supply levels
    WANG Xiao-ying, WANG Dong-mei, HUANG Yi-zong
    2011, 33(2): 143-148.
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    Dynamic change of flavonoids content in Cyclocarya paliurus leaves from different provenances.
    CHU Xiu-li, YANG Wan-xia, FANG Sheng-zuo, SHANG Xu-lan, SHE Cheng-qi.
    2011, 33(2): 130-133.
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    Field trials of sex attractant for Holcocerus artemisiae(Lepidoptera: Cossidae).
    WANG Jian-wei, ZHOU Jiao, LIU Xin-hai, LUO You-qing, LI Yue-hua, ZONG Shi-xiang
    2011, 33(2): 134-138.
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