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    Climate response of radial growth of Picea crassifolia in Qilian Mountains of northwestern China.
    XU Jin-mei, BAO Fu-cheng, Lv Jian-xiong, HUANG Rong-feng, ZHAO You-ke, Evans Robert
    2012, 34(2): 1-6.
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    Impact of forest fire on understory vegetation and soil in typical forest types of Daxingan Mountains, northeastern China.
    ZHANG Yu-hong, QIN Bing-xing, SUN Ming-long, ZHOU Zhi-qiang
    2012, 34(2): 7-13.
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    Spatial distribution patterns and associations of tree species during different succession stages in sprucefir forests of Changbai Mountains, northeastern China
    DU Zhi, KANG Xin-gang, BAO Yu-jun, YANG Xin-xia
    2012, 34(2): 14-19.
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    Effects of major forest types of Xiaoxingan Mountains on the process of snowfall, snow cover and snow melting.
    LIU Hai-liang, CAI Ti-jiu, MAN Xiu-ling, CHAI Ru-shan, LANG Yan
    2012, 34(2): 20-25.
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    Correlation analysis and characteristics of measuring factors for Populus euphratica after drought stress water delivery.
    WAN Hong-mei, LI Xia, DONG Dao-rui, ZHAO Zhao, TANG Jin
    2012, 34(2): 34-38.
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    Temporal and spatial variation of normalized difference vegetation index and its influencing factors in Beijing
    PAN Qiang, FAN Wen-yi, YU Hai-qun, ZHANG Feng, ZHANG Yang-jian
    2012, 34(2): 26-33.
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    Characteristic variation and selection of forepart hybrid clones of Sect.Populus.
    ZHAO Xi-yang, MA Kai-feng, SHEN Ying-bai, ZHANG Ming, LI Kui-you, WU Rong-ling, ZHANG Zhi-yi
    2012, 34(2): 45-51.
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    Difference analysis in carbon storage of farmland shelterbelts in the plain area of China.
    TIAN Shi-yan, ZHANG Yu-qing, WU Bin, ZHENG Hui, LI Chun-ping
    2012, 34(2): 39-44.
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    Effects of different treatments on seed germination of Castanopsis kawakamii
    HE Zhong-sheng, LIU Jin-fu, HONG Wei, ZHENG Shi-qun, WU Cheng-zhen, WU Ze-yan, LIN Yi-jun, SU Song-jin
    2012, 34(2): 66-70.
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    Morphology and leaf nutrition of introduced Robinia pseudoacacia clones
    ZHANG Guo-jun, LI Yun, XU Zhao-he, SUN Peng, SUN Yu-han, HUANG Lu-jun
    2012, 34(2): 52-56.
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    Selection of the optimum fertilizer formula and the effects of nutrient elements on growth and flowering performance of Betula platyphylla.
    LIU Fu-mei, LI Tian-fang, JIANG Jing, LIU Gui-feng
    2012, 34(2): 57-60.
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    Genetic diversity in natural populations of Quercus liaotungensis in Shanxi Province based on nuclear SSR markers
    QIN Ying-ying, HAN Hai-rong, KANG Feng-feng, ZHAO Qi
    2012, 34(2): 61-65.
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    Characteristics of paclitaxel and cephalomannine content changing in the branches of natural Japanese yew
    CHANG Zui, ZHOU Zhi-qiang, XIA Chun-mei, LIU Tong
    2012, 34(2): 71-77.
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    Characteristic parameters of typical watershed based on DEM in the Loess Plateau, northern China
    LI Hui-min, ZHANG Jian-jun, HUANG-Ming, RU Hao, XU Jia-jia, LI Min-yi
    2012, 34(2): 90-95.
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    Path analysis of soil enzyme activity and soil properties of Chinese fir plantations.
    WU Yong-ling, WANG Bing, DAI Wei, WANG Dan, AN Xiao-juan
    2012, 34(2): 78-83.
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    Effects of furan tebufenozide on larval development and activity of protective enzymes in Lymantria dispar
    LI Hui, YAN Shan-chun, CAO Chuan-wang, LI Qi
    2012, 34(2): 96-102.
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    Response of soil moisture to precipitation in Robinia pseudoscacia forestland in loess region of western Shanxi Province, northern China.
    BAO Biao, BI Hua-xing, YUN Lei, GAO Lu-bo, XU Hua-sen, AN Yun
    2012, 34(2): 84-89.
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    Vibration modal analysis of resonance board of Pi-pa.
    LIU Zhen-bo, LI Si-dan, LIU Yi-xing, HUANG Ying-lai
    2012, 34(2): 125-132.
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    Sequence analysis and expression pattern of AmSTZF encoding an A20/AN1 zinc finger protein in Ammopiptanthus mongolicus.
    SHI Jun-na, LIU Mei-qin, LIU Jie, CHEN Yu-zhen, LU Cun-fu
    2012, 34(2): 103-108.
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    Effects of Ambrosia artemisiifolia extraction on CarE activity and protein content in mice liver.
    ZHANG Xin-qian, ZHANG Guo-cai, BAO Ying, ZHAO Bo, ZHANG Qiu-shuang
    2012, 34(2): 109-111.
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    Isolation and expression analysis of a reference gene: ClTUA of Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium.
    HUANG He, NIU Ya-jing, YANG Ke, DAI Si-lan
    2012, 34(2): 112-117.
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    Meiotic chromosome behavior in allotriploid cultivar of Lilium hybrids.
    FENG Zi, WEI Chi, JIA Gui-xia
    2012, 34(2): 118-124.
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    Preliminary study of wood ultrasoundvacuum combined drying dynamics.
    HE Zheng-bin, GUO Yue-hong, YI Song-lin, ZHANG Bi-guang
    2012, 34(2): 133-136.
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    Value assessing methods of species diversity conservation in forest ecosystem
    WANG Bing, SONG Qing-feng.
    2012, 34(2): 155-160.
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    Dynamic determination of shear modulus of thin wood composite materials.
    YAN Hai-cheng, ZHANG Hou-jiang, John F. Hunt, LIAO Chun-hui, FU Feng
    2012, 34(2): 137-140.
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    Synthesis of a trimethy quaternary ammonium salt of wheatalkalilignin under microwave irradiation.
    REN Shi-xue, FANG Gui-zhen, WANG Peng, JIANG Gui-quan
    2012, 34(2): 141-145.
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    Advances in metabolism and regulation of floral scent.
    KONG Ying, SUN Ming, PAN Hu-tang, ZHANG Qi-xiang
    2012, 34(2): 146-154.
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