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    Effects of two kinds of boronbased fungicides on the properties of Bambusa emeiensis bamboo scrimber.
    WEI Wan-shu, LU Fang, QIN Dao-chun, AN Xin
    2012, 34(3): 111-115.
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    Visual field attenuation of forest fire engine driver under fourdimensional structure
    LI Bo, YANG Hong-ze, LI Bin
    2012, 34(3): 120-123.
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    Laminated veneer lumber strength testing system based on time domain and frequency domain analyses.
    ZHAO Suo-fei, SA Chao, YANG Na, LI Ting-ting
    2012, 34(3): 116-119.
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    Research advances in molecular genetic diversity of Paeonia L.
    YU Xiao-nan, JI Li-jing, WANG Qi
    2012, 34(3): 130-136.
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    Spatial continuity of fuels in major coniferous forests in Beijing mountainous area: fuel vertical continuity and crown fire occurrence.
    NIU Shu-kui, WANG San, HE Qing-tang, SUN Wu, CHEN Feng
    2012, 34(3): 1-7.
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    Characteristics of interspecific segregation in Fagus lucida secondary forest.
    JIA Xiu-hong, ZHOU Zhi-xiang, LIU Gang, WANG Peng-cheng
    2012, 34(3): 8-14.
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    Effects of drought and excess salt stress on characteristics of chlorophyll fluorescence of leaves in Haloxylon ammodendron.
    SHI Zheng, SHI Sheng-qing, ZHANG Zhi-xiang, GAO Rong-fu, XIAO Wen-fa
    2012, 34(3): 20-25.
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    Spatial point patterns and species association analysis of dominant species distribution in Maoershan Mountain, Guangxi of southern China.
    LI Lin, WEI Shi-guang, HUANG Zhong-liang, CAO Hong-lin
    2012, 34(3): 15-19.
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    Spectral characteristics of Phyllostachys pubescens stand and its differential analysis with typical vegetation
    GUAN Feng-ying, DENG Wang-hua, FAN Shao-hui
    2012, 34(3): 31-35.
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    Influence of drought stress on plant physiology and berberine content of leaves in Phellodendron amurense seedlings
    QIN Bing-xing, YAO Li-ping, ZHOU Zhi-qiang, ZHANG Yu-hong
    2012, 34(3): 26-30.
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    Pollen viability, stigma receptivity and fruiting characteristics of hazelnut
    LIU Jian-feng, YAN Kun, CHENG Yun-qing, WANG Zhan-wu, ZOU Zhen-feng
    2012, 34(3): 58-63.
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    Analysis and measurement of ultrasonic acoustic emissions from the cavitation in xylem sap.
    HAO Yan-hua, ZHANG Xiang-xue, DING Xiao-kang, LIU Jiao
    2012, 34(3): 36-40.
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    Cloning and expression analysis of two novel Prxs genes from Tamarix hispida.
    LI Hui-yu, DONG Jing-xiang, JIANG Jing, LIU Gui-feng.
    2012, 34(3): 48-52.
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    Variation analysis on chlorophyll fluorescence and growth traits of Catalpa bungei clones
    ZHAO Xi-yang, WANG Jun-hui, ZHANG Jin-feng, ZHANG Shou-gong, ZHANG Zeng-shun, MA Jian-wei, YUN Hui-ling, LI Kui-you
    2012, 34(3): 41-47.
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    Genetic variation and selection of fine families of Ulmus pumila L. in seedling stage under salinealkali stress
    LI Qing-jian, LI Yue, CHEN Zhi-qiang, SHI Rui-ting, ZHANG Jian-qiu, WANG Guo-zhu, ZHANG Yu-ling
    2012, 34(3): 53-57.
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    Image segmentation of Prunus mume flower under natural background.
    ZHANG Juan, HAN Dian-yuan, HUANG Xin-yuan
    2012, 34(3): 64-70.
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    Defective region detection for knot of wood based on color histogram and LBP-TD operator.
    DU Xiao-chen, YIN Jian-xin, QI Heng-nian, FENG Hai-lin
    2012, 34(3): 71-75.
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    Effects of manganese on growth, nutrient uptake and organic acid exudation by ectomycorrhizal fungi.
    LI Hua, HUANG Jian-guo, WANG Ming-xia
    2012, 34(3): 76-80.
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    Fecal cortisol changes of captive forest musk deer in nonpregnant period with reference to its indicative role.
    LANG Dong-mei, LIU Wen-hua, WANG Yi-hua, TANG Yong-qing, HE Lan, LIU Shu-qiang, HU De-fu
    2012, 34(3): 81-84.
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    Cross compatibility of 11 species of wild lilies
    LIU Xiao-li, LI Wen-yuan, JIA Gui-xia
    2012, 34(3): 85-90.
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    Establishing an in vitro regeneration system from hypocotyls of Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium.
    FU Jian-xin, ZHANG Chao, WANG Yi, DAI Si-lan.
    2012, 34(3): 91-96.
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    Phenotypic variation in natural populations of Primula maximowiczii.
    MU Hui-li, YOU Xiao-hui, SHI Chao, MA Lin, JIANG Yan, PAN Hui-tang, ZHANG Qi-xiang.
    2012, 34(3): 97-102.
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    Testing structure characteristics of forest cellular by direct current CT technology.
    HU Xiong-wu, ZHANG Ping-song, YU Zhong
    2012, 34(3): 103-106.
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    Effects of chemical components on longitudinal MOE and hardness of wood cell wall
    WANG Chuan-gui, JIANG Ze-hui, FEI Ben-hua, YU Yan, ZHANG Shuang-yan
    2012, 34(3): 107-110.
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    Policy effect evaluation and analysis of the ecological environment impacts for forest property right reform in China based on household survey
    ZHANG Ying, SONG Wei-ming
    2012, 34(3): 124-129.
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    Rapid assessment of infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics of Illicium difengpi from different regions by fourier transform
    TANG Hui, KONG De-xin, LIANG Hui-ling, WANG Man-lian, SHI Yan-cai, WEI Ji-qing.
    2012, 34(3): 137-141.
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    Comparison and analysis on attracting effects of four kinds of Chinese trapping attractants on Monochamus alternatus.
    WANG Yi-ping, GUO Rui, ZHANG Zhen
    2012, 34(3): 142-144.
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