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    Comparison in photosynthetic characteristics of Larix kaempferi, L. olgensis and their hybrids
    XU Chen-lu, SUN Xiao-mei, ZHANG Shou-gong
    2012, 34(4): 62-66.
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    Comprehensive evaluation on the effects of different biological agents on survival rate, growth, physiological and biochemical indexes of desert plant Yucca brevifolia seedlings
    QU Chao-qi, MAN Xiu-ling, DUAN Liang-liang
    2012, 34(4): 67-72.
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    Anomalous changes in Ca2+ATPase distribution during the process of pollen abortion in Populus tomentosa Carr.
    CAO Yuan, KANG Xiang-yang, ZHANG Zhi-yi, JING Yan-ping
    2012, 34(4): 10-17.
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    Spatial continuity of fuels in major coniferous forests in Beijing mountainous area: fuel horizontal continuity and crown fire spread
    NIU Shu-kui, HE Qing-tang, CHEN Feng, WANG San, XU Ge-xi, SUN Wu
    2012, 34(4): 1-9.
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    Leaf structural characteristics of three wild Rhododendron plants and their adaptability to Changbai Mountains, northeastern China.
    WANG Yan-ping, LIU Sheng-li, CHEN Yu-zhen, LU Cun-fu
    2012, 34(4): 18-25.
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    Pollen vitality and stigma receptivity in two species of Callicarpa
    XU Lin, CHEN Fa-zhi, JI Xiao-mei, TONG Jun, YANG Shou-kun, CHEN Wei-dong, XIE Yan-feng
    2012, 34(4): 26-30.
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    Structural characteristics of natural spruce-fir forest in Wangqing Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province, northeastern China.
    JIANG Gui-juan, ZHENG Xiao-xian
    2012, 34(4): 35-41.
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    Identifying the ploidy of ginkgo pollen using laser scanning confocal and scanning electron microscope.
    CHENG Jin-xin, SUN Yu-han, HU Jun-yan, WANG Ya-ru, DING Bo-yuan, LI Yun
    2012, 34(4): 31-34.
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    Variation in leaf nutrition of Robinia pseudoacacia clones
    ZHANG Guo-jun, YUAN Cun-quan, WANG Yang, LI Yun, XU Zhao-he, SUN Peng
    2012, 34(4): 42-47.
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    Determination and genetic analysis of resin productivity, resin density and turpentine content in halfsib families of slash pine
    LI Yan-jie, JIANG Jing-min, LUAN Qi-fu.
    2012, 34(4): 48-51.
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    Identification of new germplasms of Guizhou loquat using ISSR markers
    FAN Fu-hua, YANG Yong-sheng, LI Qing-hong, DENG Yong, WEN Xiao-peng
    2012, 34(4): 52-57.
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    Library construction of cDNA and SSR analysis of partial ESTs for stem and leaf of Betula luminifera.
    ZHANG Min, HUANG Hua-hong, LIN Er-pei, ZHOU Hou-jun, WANG Ya-hui, TONG Zai-kang.
    2012, 34(4): 58-61.
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    Extraction of individual tree DBH and height based on terrestrial laser scanner data.
    LI Dan, PANG Yong, YUE Cai-rong, ZHAO Dan, XU Guang-cai
    2012, 34(4): 79-86.
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    Physiological and photosynthetic response to different water conditions of Taxus cuspidate seedlings
    XU Bo-chao, ZHOU Zhi-qiang2, LI Wei, LIU Tong
    2012, 34(4): 73-78.
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    Effects of naturally recovered vegetation on chemical speciation of Mn in goldtracesmining wasteland, northeastern China.
    YANG Su, CAI Ti-jiu, MAN Xiu-ling, GU Jin-feng, LANG Yan
    2012, 34(4): 87-92.
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    Investigation and assessment of soil fertility in the greenbelts of Chanba ecological zone of Xian, northwestern China
    YIN Jin-yan, JIANG Lin, WANG Hai-tao, MENG Ling-jun, LI Shan-shan, GAO Hai-ying, GENG Zeng-chao, GUO Yong-li
    2012, 34(4): 93-98.
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    Genetic diversity of Hyphantria cunea populations in China by AFLP analysis
    LIU Jie, LI Jing, CHEN Min, LUO You-qing, TAO Jing
    2012, 34(4): 107-113.
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    Comparison among the ultrastructures and characteristics of wing scales in 5 species of pine caterpillar moths
    TAN Qiong, WEN Jun-bao, LI Zhen-yu
    2012, 34(4): 99-106.
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    Classifying plants into guilds and its correlation with individual traits:taking the Yellow River Delta as example.
    YUAN Xiu, MA Ke-ming, WANG De
    2012, 34(4): 120-125.
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    Sequence analysis and expression pattern of AmLEA14 encoding a late embryogenesis abundant protein in Ammopiptanthus mongolicus.
    SHI Jing, LIU Mei-qin, SHI Jun-na, ZHAO Xiao-xin, LU Cun-fu, YIN Wei-lun
    2012, 34(4): 114-119.
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    Composition and geographic elements of the flora in Nuluer Hushan National Nature Reserve, Liaoning of northeastern China
    MA Guo-qing, JIANG Li-wei
    2012, 34(4): 136-141.
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    Seed plant flora of Fenglin Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province, northeastern China
    LIU Lin-xin, LIU Chuan-zhao, MAO Zi-jun
    2012, 34(4): 126-135.
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    Detection and analysis on the stress relaxation properties of thin wood composites based on cantileverbeam bending.
    HUANG Yan, ZHANG Hou-jiang, LIU Yan, John F. Hunt, YAN Hai-cheng,
    2012, 34(4): 149-153.
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    Determining wood moisture content by free induction decay of nuclear magnetic resonance
    LI Chao, ZHANG Ming-hui, YU Jian-fang
    2012, 34(4): 142-145.
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    Dominant factor analysis of dynamic Young modulus of poplar LVL.
    FENG Li, QIN Nan
    2012, 34(4): 146-148.
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    Modifying wood surface properties by SiO2 polyurethane coating.
    MO Yin-you, CHEN Kui, HE Qi-fei, FU Yun-lin
    2012, 34(4): 154-159.
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    Fire retardant properties of intumescent waterborne fireretardant coatings based on MUF-PVAc mixed resin for wood.
    FENG Jian-wen, WANG Feng-qiang, SUN Li-chao, WANG Qing-wen
    2012, 34(4): 160-164.
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