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    Anatomical study on seed abortion of Syringa villosa under cultivated conditions
    CHEN Yan, CHEN Jin-yong, LIU Yan, ZHAO Shi-wei
    2012, 34(6): 107-114.
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    Research of general data input system for forestry resource supervision
    CHEN Gang, LIU Peng-ju, LI Zhi-qing, TANG Xiao-ming
    2012, 34(6): 92-97.
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    Using an ecosystem simulation model FORECAST to evaluate the effects of forest management strategies on long-term productivity of Korean larch plantations
    SUN Zhi-hu, BI Yong-juan, MU Chang-cheng, CAI Ti-jiu
    2012, 34(6): 1-6.
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    Influence of climate change on forest fire in Yunnan Province, southwestern China
    CHEN Feng, LIN Xiang-dong, NIU Shu-kui, WANG San1, LI De,
    2012, 34(6): 7-15.
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    Development of tree biomass model for Pinus koraiensis plantation
    DONG Li-hu, LI Feng-ri, JIA Wei-wei
    2012, 34(6): 16-22.
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    Linkage analysis of phonotypic traits of Lagerstroemia caudata and L. indica F1 population using SSR markers.
    HE Dan, TANG Wan, LIU Yang,  CAI Ming, PAN Hui-tang, ZHANG Qi-xiang
    2012, 34(6): 121-125.
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    Relationships among shrub leaf traits in Inner Mongolia and comparison in different spatial scales
    LIU Chao, WU Xian, WANG Xiang-ping, YIN Wei-lun, ZHANG Shu-jing
    2012, 34(6): 23-29.
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    Endogenous hormone content of endosperm of Pinus tabuliformis seeds during initial germinating stage
    CHEN Li-pei, YANG Bo, SHEN Yong-bao
    2012, 34(6): 30-33.
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    Comparison in leaf anatomical structure and drought resistance of different sex and varieties of sea buckthorn
    ZHAO Yan-xia, LUO You-qing, ZONG Shi-xiang, WANG Rong1, LUO Hong-mei
    2012, 34(6): 34-41.
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    Effects of tannin and nutrient elements in three species of staple food bamboo on giant panda herbivory tendency.
    ZHANG Zhi-yong, WANG Qiang, FU Qiang, HAN Jian-wei, ZHANG Zhi-yi, LI Ying-yue
    2012, 34(6): 42-46.
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    .Mineral nutrition efficiency of controlledrelease fertilizers in net container seedlings of Larix kampferi Sarg.
    CHU Xiu-li, ZHANG Shou-gong, SUN Xiao-mei, XU Yang.
    2012, 34(6): 47-54.
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    Tribological properties between roots of Pinus tabuliformis and soil
    LIU Xiao-guang, JI Xiao-dong, ZHAO Hong-hua, CHEN Li-hua, MA Lei
    2012, 34(6): 63-67.
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    Effects of exponential fertilization on seedling growth and nitrogen uptake and utilization efficiency of Catalpa bungei clones
    WANG Li-peng, LI Ji-yue, WANG Jun-hui, HE Qian, SU Yan
    2012, 34(6): 55-62.
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    Population distribution and structure characteristics of village roadside forest in Fujian Province, eastern China
    QIU Er-fa, XU Fei, WANG Cheng, DONG Jian-wen, WU Yong-shu,
    2012, 34(6): 68-74.
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    Community diversity features of different damaged stages in typical regions of Wenchuan earthquake affected area:A case study in Beichuan, Sichuan Province of southwestern China.
    LIN Yong-ming, YU Wei, LIU Yi, WU Cheng-zhen, HONG Wei, CHEN Can, LI Jian,
    2012, 34(6): 75-79.
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    Effects of soil and water conservation project on ecosystem service values of small watersheds in Suining City, Sichuan Province of southwestern China.
    HU Shu-ping, YIN Zhong-dong, LI Wei-zhong, TANG Xiao-ming,
    2012, 34(6): 80-85.
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    Temporal variation and spatial distribution of NDVI in northeastern China.
    WANG Ge, HAN Lin, ZHANG Yu,
    2012, 34(6): 86-91.
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    Effects of exogenous jasmonates induced systemic acquired resistance on the content of phenolic acid in Korean pine
    WANG Qi, YAN Shan-chun
    2012, 34(6): 98-106.
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    Phenotypic analysis of association population for flare tree peony
    PANG Li-zheng, CHENG Fang-yun, ZHONG Yuan, CAI Chang-fu, CUI Hu-liang
    2012, 34(6): 115-120.
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    Longitudinal modulus of elasticity of Chinese fir tracheids
    ZHANG Shu-qin, YU Yan, FEI Ben-hua, WANG Han-kun
    2012, 34(6): 126-130.
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    Bacteriostatic characteristics of disused woodbased board pyrolysis condensate liquid
    CHEN Shi-hua, FENG Yong-shun, MU Jun, LV Zhao-lin, ZHANG Yi-lan
    2012, 34(6): 131-136.
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    Dispersibility and flocculability of a trimethy quaternary ammonium salt of wheatalkalilignin under microwave irradiation.
    REN Shi-xue, FANG Gui-zhen, MA Yan-li, WANG Peng
    2012, 34(6): 137-142.
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    Preparation of sphere trimethyl quaternary ammonium salt based on lignin and study on its flocculation performance
    ZHANG Qiong, REN Shi-xue, MA Yan-li, FANG Gui-zhen
    2012, 34(6): 143-147.
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    Advances in cholesterol oxidase from microorganism
    MA Yu-chao.
    2012, 34(6): 148-151.
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    Activation and functionalization of wooden carbon fiber materials
    ZHAO Guang-jie, LIU Wen-jing
    2012, 34(6): 152-154.
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    Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) determination of cytokinin in plant tissues.
    LI Jin-ke, DENG Wen-hong, CHEN Shao-liang
    2012, 34(6): 155-159.
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    Practical technique and method of supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction (SFE-2).
    WANG Jun, ZHOU Jin-chi, XU Fang, LV Zhao-lin
    2012, 34(6): 160-164.
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