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    Comparison between site index and site form for site quality evaluation of Larix olgensis plantation
    Shen Jianbo, Lei Xiangdong, Lei Yuancai, Li Yutang
    2018, 40(6): 1-8. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170400
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    Building height to crown base models for Mongolian pine plantation based on simultaneous equations in Heilongjiang Province of northeastern China
    Li Xiang, Dong Lihu, Li Fengri
    2018, 40(6): 9-18. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170428
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    Smoke and fire positioning method in the image based on terrain profile matching
    Jia Daoxiang, Liu Pengju, Zhang Yingkai, Liu Changchun, Sun Yongming
    2018, 40(6): 19-29. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170439
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    Influencing factors of PM2.5 emissions under the surface needle combustible combustion of Korean pine plantations
    Zhang Yuanyan, Di Xueying, Zhao Fengjun, Yu Hongzhou, Yang Guang
    2018, 40(6): 30-40. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170446
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    Estimation of PM2.5 emissions from forest fires in Fujian Sanming City of southern China during 2000-2011
    Wang Jian, Liu Xiaodong
    2018, 40(6): 41-47. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20180075
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    Temporal and spatial variations of soil bulk density by experimental forest fire in Daxing'an Mountains of northeastern China
    Zhang Yun, Li Chuanbo, Cui Xiaoyang
    2018, 40(6): 48-54. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170318
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    Changes in soil fertility after interplanting pure Pinus massioniana plantations with broadleaved forest under the canopy during 20 years
    Zhan Xueqi
    2018, 40(6): 55-62. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170463
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    Effects of earthworm and litter application on soil nutrients and soil microbial biomass and activities in Pinus tabuliformis plantation
    Chen Ping, Zhao Bo, Yang Lu, Zhao Xiuhai, Zhang Chunyu, Yan Zichao
    2018, 40(6): 63-71. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20180101
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    Snow hydrological characteristics of Larix gmelinii forest in northern Daxing'an Mountains of northeastern China
    Lin Youwei, Cai Tijiu, Duan Liangliang
    2018, 40(6): 72-80. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170389
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    Spatial distribution and susceptibility analysis of avalanche, landslide and debris flow in Beijing mountain region
    Ni Shubin, Ma Chao, Yang Hailong, Zhang Yixin
    2018, 40(6): 81-91. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170328
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    Genetic diversity of germplasm resources of Leuce based on SSR fluorescent marker
    Yao Junxiu, Mao Xiuhong, Li Shanwen, Liu Xueliang, Wu Dejun
    2018, 40(6): 92-100. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170429
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    Accuracy detection of predicting pollinator from pollination syndromes: taking Cymbidium qiubeiense as an example
    Hu Shibao, Xin Rongshi, Guo Hongyan, Wang Xiaojie, Zhang Zibin, Cheng Jin
    2018, 40(6): 101-110. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20180055
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    Effects of platen temperature on moisture state in poplar lumber during hot-press drying
    Hou Junfeng, Yi Songlin, Zhou Yongdong, Pan Bin, Zhou Fan
    2018, 40(6): 111-116. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20180097
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    Optimization on the obstacle crossing ability and position of a forestry chassis with double-cylinder wheeled-legs
    Han Dongtao, Liu Jinhao, Wang Dian, Li Dawei
    2018, 40(6): 117-124. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20180092
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