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    Spatial and temporal pattern difference of blue-green water flows in typical reference years in the Heihe River Basin, northwestern China.
    ZANG Chuan-fu, LIU Jun-guo
    2013, 35(3): 1-10.
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    Predicting forest volume in Three Gorges Reservoir Region using TM images and partial least squares regression.
    ZHANG Chao, PENG Dao-li, TU Yun-yan, DANG Yong-feng, ZHI Chang-gui
    2013, 35(3): 11-17.
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    Modeling wood tracheid length based on nonlinear mixed model for dahurian larch
    LI Yao-xiang, JIANG Li-chun
    2013, 35(3): 18-23.
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    Growth response of two coexisting species to climate change in broadleaved Korean pine forests in Changbai Mountain, northeastern China.
    GAO Lu-shuang, WANG Xiao-ming, ZHAO Xiu-hai.
    2013, 35(3): 24-31.
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    Effects of climate variation and land use change on runoff-sediment yield in typical watershed of loess hilly-gully region
    ZHAO Yang, YU Xin-xiao.
    2013, 35(3): 39-45.
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    Carbon distribution and combustibility of fuels in Larix olgensis plantations.
    LIU Yan-hong, MA Wei.
    2013, 35(3): 32-38.
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    Canopy photosynthesis and soil respiration of desert plant Calligonum potanini.
    SU Pei-xi, ZHOU Zi-juan, ZHANG Hai-na, LI Shan-jia, XIE Ting-ting.
    2013, 35(3): 56-64.
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    Value assessment on service function of forest ecosystem in Jinyun Mountain, Chongqing City of southwestern China.
    LIU Yong, WANG Yu-jie, WANG Yun-qi, ZHANG Hui-lan, ZHU Jin-qi, LI Yun-peng, LIU Nan.
    2013, 35(3): 46-55.
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    Negative regulation of gibberellin on root tip diameter.
    NIU Shi-hui, LI Wei, CHEN Xiao-yang, .,
    2013, 35(3): 77-83.
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    Response of photosynthetic and fluorescence characteristics of Japanese yew seedlings to different light conditions.
    LIU Tong, CUI Hai-jiao, WU Shu-jie, ZHU Jia-yuan, ZHOU Zhi-qiang
    2013, 35(3): 65-70.
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    Negative regulation of gibberellin on root tip diameter.
    NIU Shi-hui, LI Wei, CHEN Xiao-yang
    2013, 35(3): 71-76.
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    Inducing tetraploid of Betula platyphylla with different generations of seeds by colchicine
    LIU Fu-mei, MU Huai-zhi, LIU Zi-jia, LI Zhi-xin, JIANG Jing, LIU Gui-feng
    2013, 35(3): 84-89.
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    Determination of optimized reaction system for AChE in Dendrolimus superans and comparison of its sensitivity to three pesticides.
    ZOU Chuan-shan, CAO Chuan-wang, WANG Zhi-ying.
    2013, 35(3): 102-107.
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    Introduction experiment of bio-energy plant Xanthoceras sorbifolia in the gully region of the loess tableland residue in Shanxi Province,northern China.
    WANG Chao, WANG Dong-mei, LI Yong-hong, ZHANG Yan, LAI Wen-hao
    2013, 35(3): 90-96.
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    Characters of leaf water absorption for three turfgrasses.
    YU Lu, SU De-rong, LIU Yi-shan
    2013, 35(3): 97-101.
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    Investigation of phenotypic and amino acid sequence changes in Arabidopsis lfy mutants.
    WANG Yi, FU Jian-xin, QI Shuai, DAI Si-lan.
    2013, 35(3): 108-115.
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    Investigation on population dynamics of Fejervarya multistriata in plantations of Fujian Province, eastern China.
    WANG Heng-heng, LI Bin, LUAN Xiao-feng, GU Cai-wei, LI Shao-shu
    2013, 35(3): 122-127.
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    Isolation of laccase-producing strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LC03 and characterization of its spore laccase.
    LI Guo-fu, LI Jun, LU Le, PAN Jun-bo, ZHAO Min, WANG Tian-nû, XU Teng-fei, WANG Jing-yao
    2013, 35(3): 116-121.
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    Effects of JA and SA on the growth and development as well as defensive enzyme activity of Rosa rugosa.
    YAN Jun-xin, CHI De-fu, ZHANG Yong-qiang2, PANG Hai-yu
    2013, 35(3): 128-136.
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    Identification of differential protein in the wood forming tissue of normal wood and reaction wood.
    SHI Jiang-tao, LIU Yi-xing, NIE Yu-zhe, LI Jian
    2013, 35(3): 137-142.
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    Effects of relative humidity on VOCs emission characteristics of particle board
    CAO Lian-ying, SHEN Jun, WANG Jing-xian, SHEN Xi-wei
    2013, 35(3): 149-153.
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    Surface energy characterization of bamboo fiber determined by dynamic contact angle analysis.
    JIANG Ze鄄hui, CHEN Fu鄄ming, WANG Ge, LIU Xing鄄e, CHENG Hai鄄tao.
    2013, 35(3): 143-148.
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    A smoke detection algorithm based on multiple motion features.
    WU Meng-yu, LUO Qin-juan, HAN Ning.
    2013, 35(3): 154-158.
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