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    A review and thinking of comprehensive management of small watershed at home and abroad
    QI Shi, LI Yue
    2017, 39(8): 1-8. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160418
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    Leaf morphological characteristics and related gene expression characteristic analysis in Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica' and Betula pendula
    QU Chang, BIAN Xiu-yan, JIANG Jing, CHEN Su, LIU Gui-feng
    2017, 39(8): 9-16. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160200
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    Tree height extraction using high-resolution imagery acquired from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
    YANG Kun, ZHAO Yan-ling, ZHANG Jian-yong, CHEN Chao, ZHAO Peng-peng
    2017, 39(8): 17-23. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160428
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    Evaluating neighborhood search techniques of simulated annealing based on forest spatial harvest scheduling problems
    DONG Ling-bo, SUN Yun-xia, LIU Zhao-gang
    2017, 39(8): 24-32. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170095
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    Distributional change in suitable areas for Toona sureni based on MaxEnt model
    ZHANG Chun-hua, HE Ju, SUN Yong-yu, LI Kun
    2017, 39(8): 33-41. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170002
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    Impacts of nitrogen addition on net primary productivity in the typical mixed broadleaved-Korean pine forest
    MAO Hong-rui, JIN Guang-ze
    2017, 39(8): 42-49. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160193
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    Effects of nitrogen addition on the seedling biomass and its allocation of three Pinus tabuliformis provenances
    SONG Zhao-peng, LIANG Dong, HOU Ji-hua
    2017, 39(8): 50-59. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160243
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    Niche characteristics and CCA ordination of dominant species of Thuja sutchuenensis community
    WANG Xin, LIU Qin, HUANG Qin, ZHANG Hua-yu, LI Zong-feng, ZHANG Shi-qiang, DENG Hong-ping
    2017, 39(8): 60-67. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160172
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    Simulation analysis of effects of wind field and photovoltaic DC field allocation on aeolian-sand structure
    CHEN Xi, GAO Yong, NARENGERILE, ZHAI Bo, WANG Yu-yan, SHI Wan-lin
    2017, 39(8): 68-76. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170137
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    Hydrodynamics of overland flow under combined effects of precipitation and slope discharge
    JIANG Li-bin, ZHANG Hui-lan, YANG Ping-ping, LIU Wen-jian
    2017, 39(8): 77-86. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170126
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    Evaluation system for the resistance of landscape tree to diseases and pests and its application in Shanghai under climate warming
    YANG Shu-ping, ZHANG De-shun, LI Yue-zhong, JU Rui-ting, LIU Ming
    2017, 39(8): 87-97. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160346
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    Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of essential oil from Pinus koraiensis needles
    FAN Zi-luan, ZHANG Yan-dong, ZHANG Hua, WANG Zhen-yu, BAO Yi-hong
    2017, 39(8): 98-103. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160265
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    Optimization of extraction process for total flavonoids from leaves of Aquilaria sinensis by response surface method and purification technology
    ZHENG Dan, LI Xiao-min, HE Jing, LEI Jian-du
    2017, 39(8): 104-110. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160343
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    Modulization and standardized system of modern light wood frame house
    GAO Ying, WU Yu-xuan, ZHANG Ying, ZHAO Jin-ping, XU Zhi-gang
    2017, 39(8): 111-118. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20170022
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