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    Response of boreal forest ecosystem to global climate change: a review
    HAN Shi-jie, WANG Qing-gui
    2016, 38(4): 1-20. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160046
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    Effects of nitrogen deposition and drought on litter decomposition in a temperate forest
    ZHENG Jun-qiang, GUO Rui-hong, LI Dong-sheng, LI Dong, LI Jin-gong, ZHU Bao-kun, HAN Shi-jie
    2016, 38(4): 21-28. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150464
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    Effects of nitrogen-water interaction on fine root morphology and production in a mixed Pinus koraiensis forest in Changbai Mountains, northeastern China
    GUO Wei, GONG Hao, HAN Shi-jie, JIN Yang, WANG Yi-han, FENG Yuan, WANG Cun-guo
    2016, 38(4): 29-35. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150436
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    Response of root anatomy and tissue chemistry to nitrogen deposition in larch forest in the Great Xing’an Mountains of northeastern China
    YAN Guo-yong, WANG Xiao-chun, XING Ya-juan, HAN Shi-jie, WANG Qing-gui
    2016, 38(4): 36-43. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150433
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    Effects of nitrogen addition and water manipulation on leaf litter decomposition
    LI Dong-sheng, ZHENG Jun-qiang, WANG Xiu-xiu, ZHENG Xing-bo, HAN Shi-jie
    2016, 38(4): 44-52. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150429
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    Biomass allocation of twelve tree species in coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest in Jiaohe, Jilin Province, northeast China
    HE Huai-jiang, YEERJIANG Baiketuerhan, ZHANG Chun-yu, ZUO Qiang, PI Tian-hui, GAO Hai-tao
    2016, 38(4): 53-62. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150430
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    Effects of snow cover and freeze-thaw cycles on stability of surface soil aggregates in forest
    LOU Xin, GU Yan, ZHANG Jun-hui, HAN Shi-jie
    2016, 38(4): 63-70. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150435
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    Effects of cutting on soil respiration in a mixed broadleaf-Korean pine forest in western foothill of Changbai Mountain, northeast China
    ZUO Qiang, HE Huai-jiang, ZHANG Chun-yu, ZHAO Xiu-hai, ZHANG Jun, LI Jin-gong
    2016, 38(4): 71-76. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20160055
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    Effect of strong rainfalls on soil respiration in a typical temperate forest in Lesser Xing’an Mountains,northeast China
    LIU Bo-qi, MOU Chang-cheng, XING Ya-juan, HAN Shi-jie, JIANG Si-ling, WANG Qing-gui
    2016, 38(4): 77-85. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150431
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    Effects of substrates on dynamics of amino sugars in two different stages of succession in forest soil
    WANG Xin-xin, HE Hong-bo, HU Guo-qing, SHAO Peng-shuai, ZHANG Wei, XIE Hong-tu, ZHANG Xu-dong
    2016, 38(4): 86-93. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150396
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    Soil organic carbon density as affected by topography and physical protection factors in the secondary forest area of Zhangguangcai Mountains, northeast China
    ZHOU Xin, JIANG Hang, SUN Jin-bing, CUI Xiao-yang
    2016, 38(4): 94-106. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150417
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    Compositional variation of glomalin-related soil protein in different forest stands and farmland
    ZHONG Zhao-liang, WANG Wen-jie, ZHANG Wen-tian, WANG Qiong
    2016, 38(4): 107-115. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150399
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    Nitrogen transfer in the litter-soil interface continuum of the temperate forest
    ZHENG Jun-qiang, HAN Shi-jie
    2016, 38(4): 116-122. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150438
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    Three potential pathways influencing contrasting decomposition rates of fine roots
    WANG Cun-guo, CHEN Zheng-xia, MA Cheng-en, LIN Gui-gang, HAN Shi-jie
    2016, 38(4): 123-128. DOI: 10.13332/j.1000-1522.20150437
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