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    Molecular evolution and expression pattern of the Populus 14-3-3 gene family
    LIU Yan-|jing, WANG Cai-ling, LU Hai, YANG Hai-ling
    2010, 32(3): 1-7.
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    Estimation of sparse vegetation cover in arid regions based on vegetation indices derived from Hyperion data.
    LI Xiao-song, LI Zeng-yuan, GAO Zhi-hai, BAI Li-na, WANG Beng-yu, LI Shi-ming
    2010, 32(3): 95-100.
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    Mutagenic effect of aerospace on morphological and photosynthetic characteristics of tall fescue SP1.
    WANG Fei, YIN Wei-lun, XIA Xin-li, XIE Qian-jin
    2010, 32(3): 106-111.
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    Preliminary purification and characterization of extracellular lignin peroxidase from Pseudomonas fluorescens GcM5-1A
    KONG Ling-ying, GUO Dao-sen, ZHAO Bo-guang, LI Rong-gui
    2010, 32(3): 112-116.
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    Habitat selection of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in winter in the eastern Wandashan mountains,Heilongjiang Province.
    ZHOU Shao-chun, ZHANG Ming-hai, YIN Yuan-xin, REN Meng-fei
    2010, 32(3): 122-127.
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    Cavitation resistance of dominant trees and shrubs in Loess hilly region and their relationship with xylem structure.
    LI Yang-yang, SHI Hui, SHAO Ming-an
    2010, 32(3): 8-13.
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    Transpiration of apricot trees and their relationship with rainfall and canopy micrometeorological factors.
    GAO Jun, WU Bin, MENG Ping
    2010, 32(3): 14-20.
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    Forecasting stand diameter distribution based on artificial neural network.
    HUANG Jia-rong, GAO Guang-qin, MENG Xian-yu, GUAN Yu-xiu
    2010, 32(3): 21-26.
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    Evaluation of the suitability of large scale plantations of cultivated Puer tea in Yunnan Province based on GIS.
    YANG Yang, HE Chun-yang, LI Xiao-bing.
    2010, 32(3): 33-40.
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    An extraction algorithm of a DEM based video visualization domain.
    FANG Lu-ming, CHAI Hong-ling, TANG Li-hua, XU Ai-jun
    2010, 32(3): 27-32.
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    Restoring true topographic perception of remote sensing images
    ZHANG Wan-qiu, YUAN Hua, XU Tian-shu
    2010, 32(3): 41-46.
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    Response of nitrogen mineralization to litter addition and exclusion in soils of Cinnamomum camphora plantation.
    DENG Hua-ping, WANG Guang-jun, GENG Geng
    2010, 32(3): 47-51.
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    Evaluation of soil fertility in subtropical forests.
    LI Ping, WANG Bing, DAI Wei, WANG Dan, DENG Zong-fu, ZHAO Chao
    2010, 32(3): 52-58.
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    Changes of soil properties at different developmental stages of Chinese fir plantations.
    WANG Dan, DAI Wei, WANG Bing, LI Ping, DENG Zong-fu, ZHAO Chao
    2010, 32(3): 59-63.
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    An approximation approach for determination of soil infiltrability measured with linear source method
    MAO Li-li, LEI Ting-wu, ZHAO Jun, Bralts F Vincent
    2010, 32(3): 70-74.
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    Stumping effects on number and distribution of roots of Caragana microphylla Lam. plantations.
    ZHENG Shi-guang, JIA Li-ming, PANG Qi-wei, LI Rui
    2010, 32(3): 64-69.
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    Distribution patterns of Picea schrenkiana var. tianshanica populations at different developmental stages in the western Tianshan Mountain, northwestern China.
    ZHANG Zhen, LIU Ping, DING Yi, LIU Li-ming
    2010, 32(3): 75-79.
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    Comparison of spatial structures among different stand types in Saihanba Mechanized Forest Farm
    TIAN Guo-heng, WANG De-qiang, GU Jian-cai, TAN Xu-quan, LU Gui-qiao
    2010, 32(3): 80-83.
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    Fire-resistance of major tree species in the Beijing area
    GUO Wen-xia, NIU Shu-kui, KANG Dong-wei, KANG Wen, WANG Xiao-li
    2010, 32(3): 84-89.
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    Measuring soil erosion rate using digital close range photogrammetry and erosion pin techniques.
    YANG Jian-ying, QI You-xiang, ZHAO Ting-ning, ZHAO Fang-ying
    2010, 32(3): 90-94.
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    Comparative study on hydrological terrain parameters based on DEM using Rivertools and ArcGIS
    ZHOU Hui-zi, BI Hua-xing, LIN Jing-jing
    2010, 32(3): 101-105.
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    Biological characteristics of Burkholderia sp. caf324 isolated from Mimosa invisa
    PENG Yu-hong, JIAO Ru-zhen, MOU Xin-tao
    2010, 32(3): 117-121.
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    Taxonomic analysis of morphological characters of large-flowered chrysanthemum cultivars
    LUO Xin-yan, DAI Si-lan
    2010, 32(3): 135-140.
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    Accumulation and variation of anthocyanins in blue flowers of Senecio cruentus at different flowering stages
    SUN Wei, LI Chong-hui, WANG Liang-sheng, DAI Si-lan
    2010, 32(3): 128-134.
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    Effects of biological decay on mechanical properties of slash pine wood
    YANG Zhong, REN Hai-qing, JIANG Ze-hui
    2010, 32(3): 146-149.
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    Preliminary study on detection of wood structure defects and evaluation of residual elastic modulus
    WANG Tian-long, CHEN Yong-ping, LIU Xiu-ying, JIANG En-lai, YU Ru-long
    2010, 32(3): 141-145.
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    Development and application of microtester for mechanical property determination of short plant fibers.
    YU Yan, WANG Ge, FEI Ben-hua, CAO Shuang-ping, HUANG Yan-hui, CHEN Lu-tie
    2010, 32(3): 150-154.
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    Preliminary study on super-hydrophobic modification of bamboo.
    TIAN Gen-lin, YU Yan, WANG Ge, CHENG Hai-tao, LU Fang.
    2010, 32(3): 166-169.
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    Impact of heat treatment on chemical composition of Chinese white poplar wood.
    HUANG Rong-feng, Lv Jian-xiong, CAO Yong-jian, ZHAO Xiu, ZHAO You-ke, ZHOU Yong-dong, WU Yu-zhang
    2010, 32(3): 155-160.
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    Effects of pretreatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose for waste paper
    DENG Li-hong, XIAO Ling-ping, TANG Yong, SONG Xian-liang
    2010, 32(3): 170-175.
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    Functional groups and chemical bonds of lignin of Neosinocalamus affinis and Phyllostachys pubescens.
    QIN Te-fu, UANG Luo-hua, I Gai-yun.
    2010, 32(3): 161-165.
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    Spinal biomechanics of carrying a water bag in forest fire suppression tasks
    CHEN Jing-lian, LI Wen-bin, ZHAO Xiao-xiao
    2010, 32(3): 176-179.
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    The aerodynamic design of fire-fighting fan and theoretical analysis of effective wind speed in an axial-flow pneumatic extinguisher.
    CHU Shuang-lei, YU Guo-sheng, QIN Rui-hong
    2010, 32(3): 180-185.
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    Effects of vegetation and hydrological conditions on the profile characteristics of TN, TP and OM in coastal salt marshes in northern Jiangsu Province
    ZHONG Chong-qing, WANG Jin-xin, XING Wei, ZHANG Wei-kang
    2010, 32(3): 186-190.
    Abstract PDF
    Quantitative analyses of thermal regulation function of urban wetland
    HOU Peng, JIANG Wei-guo, CAO Guang-zhen
    2010, 32(3): 191-196.
    Abstract PDF
    Study surveys on tree image extraction in a complex background.
    WANG Xiao-song, HUANG Xin-yuan, FU Hui
    2010, 32(3): 197-203.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of fractal theory on wood science
    LUO Bei, ZHAO Guang-jie
    2010, 32(3): 204-208.
    Abstract PDF
    issue culture protocol of limber pine of North America
    LI Ling-li, GUO Su-juan, LI Ji-yue
    2010, 32(3): 209-212.
    Abstract PDF
    Induction and regeneration of callus tissues in five peony cultivars
    WANG Ji-feng, LI Qing, MENG Hui.
    2010, 32(3): 213-216.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil taxonomy in Jiufeng National Forest Park, Beijing
    WANG Yong, QIAO Yong, SUN Xiang-yang
    2010, 32(3): 217-220.
    Abstract PDF
    Eco-tourism problems of nature reserves in China
    LUO Ju-chun, WANG Ling-yan,
    2010, 32(3): 221-224.
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